In Bruce

Let’s take a look at where we are because we finally got some conclusive intel today that seems to make an agreement consensus with all intel sources that I am using – that I have – all different directions coming together on the same page…It’s interesting because we do have a consensus from all of my sources…Now – here’s the thing – we talked Tuesday night about the possibility of a Wed/Thurs/Friday timeframe…Now we had the impression that this could go any day almost any minute…that is what I had at the time on Tuesday and we told you – and we said this for years I guess – that this is a moving target and things do change…Now…we are supposed to be notified and start setting our appointments either Monday or Tuesday – this coming…Monday is a ?? question mark – I don’t know that we would but I do believe we would start on the first day of September – that is Tuesday.

I’m not sure about Iraq – whether they are going to show that rate as early…this coming Sunday – I’ve got information that says they may show the new international rate on Sunday…we know that the rates have already changed in country – least we have been told they have – and now we just wait and see what Iraq does in terms of the international rate…They may have a rate that is already known within certain countries of the Middle East – that they are trading with – so it is nothing we have to worry about…the nice thing is they all agree – very different sources from the highest banking sources – in corporate offices and all the other sources we talk to.