In Bruce 

Here is where we are…what we did receive and got confirmation about was that Saturday was the day that Iraq finally put out a new international rate on the new Iraqi dinar – it was just $1 less than Shabibi had predicted that the dinar could support in US dollars back in…2012…when he was addressing the US Commerce. He said the Dinar would be able to support a rate of $16 and our understanding is that the rate which was $15 was put in the Gazette on Saturday. They have completed their monetary reforms – revalued their dinar – put it in the Gazette…color it done…We also received word that there was a 48 hour clock that started at 1 PM [Tuesday] whereby within that 48 hrs which would end Thursday at 1 PM – Eastern time…we are in that 48 hour window – now…I am very excited that this is apparently coming down to the wire.