In Bruce 

Our timing appears its going to be contingent upon the announcement of the election results. I have heard that once the votes are tallied – and I am going to hope this is referring to the Electoral College votes – ok – delegate votes – once those are tallied – 24 hours later we should be notified and start going into the banks. Probably the more likely scenario would be notifications Thursday and start on Thursday…if this intel holds out to be true. I have every reason to believe it could be very well be true. I know that Iraq who already had a rate… it’s an international rate – on the forex…it’s supposed to get a new rate I believe it’s going to be tomorrow [Wednesday] but could be Thursday – I don’t know what the new rate will be – but it all sounds good. I am excited about where we are – and what is happening. Thursday is in play – and no one that I’m talking to is going beyond Thursday.