In Bruce 

We’ve got a week possibly from tonight before we actually do something with have our numbers and we set our appointments or we get our numbers Monday night and start Tuesday – there’s a possibility and we had it from an extremely high source – as high as you can get – in the banking world – that – that was the Monday/Tuesday thing…Now – what about the possibility of Mon/Tues – or Tues/Wed?   I think it looks very good we should be there by then… that is what I’m hearing – passing on what it is that I’m getting…As far as Iraq is concerned – they are expecting to have another new rate – over the weekend – could start them on Sunday – their first business day – with a new budget – with a rate in the budget…the rate we were actually notified about was very strong – and just slightly below what Dr Shabbibi had predicted that the value of the Dinar to hold back in…2012…I believe we are in a good place to move forward and I’m excited because I think we’re finally coming to the end.