In Bruce 

I think I have somewhat of a time line for us. We knew…(Wednesday) was supposed to be the day for the 3rd reading of the budget was accomplished …the theory is in that 3rd reading is that they need 3 readings for any law to go through to be voted on – in Parliament  – to let that law stand – and to be enacted…Now I do not know – It has not been confirmed to me whether that did occur yesterday – but the reason it is significant is because of the rate – for the budget to be accurate – the rate for the dinar needs to be in that budget…because we can “see” the rate – in their budget…Friday or Saturday – [FRIDAY] is the 15th or Saturday the 16th is when the Iraqi Dinar rate is supposed to be increased – or “changed”…I feel like the end is near –  we can see the tape in the distance – hopefully only about 5 days off – so we’ll see let’s see what happens.