In Bruce 

What we are looking for them to do is to do a final vote…of the budget – AND…the HCL…The HCL is the Hydro Carbon Law – it’s the Oil and Gas Law…the law that takes percentages and attributes the percentages to the region of Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq and Baghdad…they are going to vote on is a final vote on 2021 budget and the HCL on Monday…but to be able to do that they have to have a new rate on the Iraqi Dinar before the vote…one of our individuals that lives in Mosul…said that has to happen before Monday – well guess what?  The first business day for Iraq is Sunday – my gut is they will have that new rate on Sunday…the timing is interesting as far as the vote on Monday – Remember – we do have a group of people over there in Iraq to help them finish this – and give them any additional help they need regarding the reevaluation of their currency – What is it going to come out at? I don’t know exactly – I know it should be really good – along the lines of what Dr Shabbibi  said it would be – back in 2012.