In Bruce 

We have some information that lends us to believe that we could be where we need to be still this week…But there is other information that takes us and moves us to the first of next week… So…What we have heard is – and this comes from one of our main banks – it is still going to happen for us – and I heard a clarification of another banker that deals with redemption centers and staff and so on – that Saturday was in play – Now I still heard from a couple other sources that said Saturday is in play for notifications and I also heard that the redemption centers – some personnel need to be in place on Monday at noon…Let’s hope we are notified and underway.

Bringing the budget out in the gazette…is now set to come out Saturday… maybe that will happen we can’t set a watch by that – all I know is that it is intended to bring that out on Saturday and publish it in the gazette – which would make the dinar rate visible – It might also be on line in a digital format.