In Bruce 

We’ve got some information that’s saying that we have at least a  2 day series of testing – that amounts to stress tests  for the banks – yesterday we had a stress test on the banks in the United States through the QF System – and today and tonight and overnight we believe that stress test extended globally to all of the banks around the world to totally stress test the QF System. We know that the system has been activated in some aspects for a while sometime but has not yet fully come on line and become fully activated yet. Our theory is that these stress tests banks are going through are to see how the system will handle the influx of big sums of money from these exchanges globally – so far, the system performed beautifully – we will see how they do today and tonight and overnight.

What’s amazing is that it looks like that once that QF System is completely been active and activated globally – that would give us the go ahead to begin with what it is we’re waiting for…it could be this week but we don’t know for sure… could we have gone before these series of test were completed – I don’t think so –  I think that is why we are waiting for that to occur…So hopefully we are almost there with the idea that the stress testing being completed tomorrow [Wednesday] and then we can get moving  forward –  I know everybody around the globe is anticipating this and so I’m anticipating along with you.