In Bruce 

You know…by now that Iraq could have done their thing many times over…but they – and…Central Bank of Iraq – is the governing body that controls the rate of the Dinar…However – even though Iraq is considered a sovereign nation now – they are still subject to the Treasury of the United States to more or less give them the go ahead as to when to release the new rate…today we find that Iraq has a I think the term “deadline’…There’s a theoretical deadline let’s call it for Iraq to do this on Sunday the 14th…I have heard of a window that was given to me today that took us from tonight to all the way to Saturday – and this is from a really good source…So – we have a lot to look forward to this week – I believe we are in really good shape for this to go now…we do know that the rates are going to be fantastic – I think even a little better than we thought.

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