Bruce Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-23-23


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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight is Thursday, March 23RD – And you’re listening to the Big Call. Thanks, everybody for tuning in, yet once again, and we’re looking forward to having a great call tonight. And I’ve been told by certain of my sources that this would be my last call. So we shall see, shan’t we, we’ll say halfway. Have you ever heard that expression before Sue, shant we, as in shall we, shant we?


That we’ll see. We’ll see what happens. But for right now, I’m going to take them at their word, and let’s see what develops. And I’ll have it all for you in the Intel segment, but before we get there we’ve got some ways to go


We’re looking good. Now let’s get into the Intel.  I’ll bring it to you in pieces  just like I normally do – when we talk  about –  let’s go to Iraq first. Now, what’s happening in Iraq?


Pretty cool since last Saturday – today’s Thursday – since last Saturday the Iraqi citizens have been exchanging in country at a decent rate just under seven and that’s an in country  rate for dinar they’ve been getting – They are getting their dinar exchanged either through the ATM or going into the bank and taking their dinar and we’re talking about the three zero notes, which would be 25k 10K 5k 1k notes – those are the three zero notes that were made –


They take those notes in and get an exchange rate like I said, times the number of dinar put into new Iraqi dinar, which is lower denominations just like ours are – just like our money is and they will get that put into their bank account and put on their debit card so they can spend it.


They can spend from it. And that’s been happening at a strong rate since Saturday. They’re even flying certain Iraqi American citizens over to do exchanges back in Iraq at Rafidain bank in covering their flight to go back.   So that’s pretty cool. That’s interesting.


The other thing that they’re doing in in and around Baghdad is there are certain bands that are going around that are there to exchange people, but not only to get them to pony up their three zero  notes and put them into a bank account, but they’re also giving them I believe is a like smartwatch for 1 three zero note, two notes will get you a phone, cell phone – and four notes will get your tablet – In addition to your exchange rate and putting it into your bank account.


I think that’s pretty cool. and it’s really getting a lot of play in and around Iraq. I think that will help them to clean up all of the three zero notes that might still be in Iraq – Because typically, Iraqi’s don’t trust the banks and they don’t use the banks they use cash. Well in this case, you know, they’re trying to become a little more modernized and a little bit more digital. So that people are going in, And the vast majority of Iraqis are going into the banks to do these exchanges. and they’re getting the benefit. So that’s good news, that’s happening now


The other thing is – We heard regarding Iraq  there’s an Iraqi delegation, also a delegation from Iran and went to North Korea that made their way and flew in – privately into New York today. And I can only believe  they are there to either put some final touches on something to pre celebrate something  – possibly there for a little heads up on the NESARA / GESARA possibly. It’s hard to say.


But these are official delegations – 28 that appointed for Iraq, 16 for Iran and 28 for North Korea. So that’s pretty cool. And you know, to get beyond what’s happening there, and there’s some question marks come up as to why they’re there – we can only imagine – they are staying in the only first class hotel that I’m aware of in New York, but here’s the thing –   what else is giving us an idea of our timeline.


All right, here’s one that came  from the Vice President of HSBC  – just last night – he indicated that we would  be looking at our exchanges  within the next three days – starting today – Thursday, Friday, Saturday. That’s pretty specific. I think we could all live with that. We should get notified and begin setting appointments within what looks like now two days and overnight tonight.



Now another thing that’s really interesting is one source that we have said that everything goes after Bruce does his final call of Big Call Thursday night.


That’s what I’m doing now. Now, is it the final call? I guess we’ll see. I hope so. No offense, but I’m ready to move on just like you guys are.


So why would I have anything to do with it? Do I? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know – I don’t have the numbers  to put out on the call. I don’t have them now. And I haven’t received them yet. So possibly after, like, like the information on email said – maybe after tonight, maybe after tonight’s call  – things roll.  Which is fine. That’s fine.


The other thing that we picked up through another source was that things are gonna get hot and heavy. Tonight between seven and nine- Easstern – So are we in that stage? We’re past that stage now. As we started the big call at 9 , so are things rolling forward? We have to believe they are –


Now another point about the bondholders  – to my knowledge  are still waiting to receive that final email that will give them access to funds.


And probably they’ll get access to funds when we get our notifications to start out appointments- going to be similar to that.


So there are, according to HSBC, there are half a million quantum financial system cards, or what I call the quantum access cards that need to go out globally. Half a million cards just started going out on Monday.


So that’s from HSBC, and that’s the bondholders and that should not keep us from going while they’re in the process of setting out those quantum system QFS cards by Federal Express  – that that’s going all over the globe. So they’re doing that they’re getting after it and they’re getting those cards out. So there’s a lot of activity right now happening.


Keep in mind what’s happening in Iraq, with their citizenry. They’re doing it they’re collecting in those notes. They’re giving them a decent rate and setting up their accounts with their credit debit cards. I mean, they’re they’re rolling their movement. They’ve been going since Saturday. And the new rate came out Sunday. And then it started trading up and I imagine it still is trading up right from there.


So we’re in a good place – will anything roll overnight tonight?  Possibly – Will we see an email or wake up to it? Possibly. But I think we’re supposed to keep an eye according to HSBC on the next to the next few days, Friday and Saturday.


And if we do get something Friday, or Saturday – I think we’ll start there and go right through the weekend. I do not have anything that says we can’t start till next week. I don’t have that.


I hope we don’t get that. I hope we start. We get these notifications by email. We set our appointments and we go — should be continuous and continuous. So I’m excited about that. I really had hoped I’d be able to give that number to you guys live on the call tonight.


But they didn’t furnish it to me and I don’t have it yet. So I waiting just like everybody else is – we’ll see what manifests in the next day or so.  So that’s what I wanted to bring to everybody tonight.


Let’s see what develops. I think there’s so much that is going on behind the scenes. It’s hard to know it all. Probably left some things out that I could have brought but I think we have the main information out to guys and I wanted to do that for sure. So let’s thank everybody that’s contributed – Could this be the last big call – maybe it is – I hope so. We’re going to be in touch with you by email.


Let’s see if you want to help participate in rebuild America or some other projects, like rebuild Okay, so listen, thanks everybody for listening – Thank you so much. You know all the listeners out there that we’ve reached over the last 12 years. Many of you have listened and never missed a call. And we appreciate that. And thank you for all that you’re doing.


We’ve kept the big call, the big call for all these years. Thanks for anybody behind the scenes has been sending out the call under simultaneous translation into as many as 99 different languages 120 or more countries out to 14 or 15 something odd million different people throughout the globe and we’re thankful. Thanks for doing that for us. And let’s see if anything does precipitate right after this so called Final call tonight. Let’s see if something comes through for us overnight. All right, everybody, let’s pray the call out. And then we’ll go from there and have a great weekend.




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