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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 7-19-22

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday July 19th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks for listening everybody –welcome everybody wherever you are listening in whether it is live or on the replay

Alright, let’s get back in the game and see where we stand on the Intel front.  Today was sort of a sluggish day. It was really slow through the morning into through the lunch hour. We had heard that well, everything was supposed to go to bondholders this afternoon and tonight – and all of a sudden – we heard that it had stopped -that it had not moved forward like we had thought it would today – and we had a possibility of getting notified this afternoon or tomorrow. Now it looks like that information is pushed about a day. The latest thing that we’ve gotten, and it was this evening, an hour or two before the big call – we got some good information that came in about bondholders to be paid.

More likely tomorrow or tomorrow night – they would get their emails which would give them access to funds. However, we have heard in the last hour, even well let’s call it an hour, hour and a half ago that things are moving smoothly and efficiently for bondholders

In other words, they are being paid out now – where before we thought it was a hold for some reason to hold but they are being paid now – and this is moving smoothly and efficiently toward us being notified – them receiving emails – which some of them are now again

I almost think it’s more of a resumption of what is happening for the bondholders but that’s good and we are in a position to be notified possibly tomorrow or maybe more likely Thursday and go redeem and exchange our funds starting Thursday.

Now we know that the redemption center staff was on call Monday and Tuesday. They were supposed to – which is today – and then tomorrow they’re supposed to go in on a full schedule for 12 to 14 days – taking off Sunday.

Do not expect to go in and do anything on this Sunday or any Sunday – but I do believe we’re going to have a full schedule at the redemption center starting tomorrow and that means that they wouldn’t be there.

If we do get our email with a toll free number – they would be there for us to use the call center and then the call center will reflect your call over and connected to the redemption center that is within the zip code or close to the zip code that you have entered on the automated system.

We believe that’s how it’s going to work – for you to call a number – you enter a few things and then you if you’re a Zim holder – you do get switched over to a live person at the redemption center you’re supposed to go to and they will set your appointment on the phone with you – and more than likely you will work with that person or at least see that person in the redemption center when you go into your appointment.

For us right now – beyond what we have tonight – I think it’s a great opportunity to be fully prepared because this thing could fire off where we do get notifications tomorrow or Thursday and go tomorrow afternoon and Thursday – more likely Thursday.

I hate this expression – It’s a banned phrase on the big call – but we’ve been told by more than one that “it will happen this week” – So I’d say that by Thursday or Friday we should be in the redemption centers.

That’s what it sounds like. That’s what I had to bring to you tonight.

Other than that, so much of what we’ve said, you know already as far as the NDAs as far as you are going to, I mean there’s just so much stuff that we’ve talked about over the last 11 years that it’s hard to capsulize it and put it all in one night

All right, so that’s what I wanted to bring to you guys tonight – Thank you Sue – It was a wonderful praise report that you received from Pastor Scott – unsolicited, beautiful, very strong – and Bob, thank you so much for the segment that you do, and for the fact that you’re helping do the music and run the board for us. I’m just really thrilled that we’re all here together and expecting major, major miracles in our lives to take place. And thank you everyone for listening to the big call for these 11 years.

We don’t know if we’ll be here Thursday night at this point – we don’t know – we could be – if we don’t have numbers we’ll have a call Thursday – but if we have numbers we won’t do the call – we’ll just go right on ahead.

Okay, so, otherwise, thanks for listening everybody – Thanks for listening around the globe. We appreciate you and love you and look forward to doing things sort of in a group context after this goes – so keep in touch, watch your emails, because we will probably do a podcast here and there and put it in as a link and send it to you as an email if you’re interested. Okay – and we’ll qualify all that after this goes. Everybody have a great night and we’ll see what happens between now and Thursday


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