Bruce’s Big Call Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 8-10-23

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 8-10-23


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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight it is Thursday, August 10th and you’re listening to the big call. And we’re welcoming everybody wherever our signal is going all over the globe with our special technology that actually targets currency holders around the globe. And I can’t get into how that works, but I think it’s terrific. And that’s why we had a week ago – I don’t know what the numbers were for Last Tuesday’s call, but I know that we can go we had 24 and a half million listeners, and that might be before they shared the link or had maybe more than one or two people listening at the same time. So who knows what the total numbers are, but we’re happy that the call is getting out. And we’re getting we’re getting information that we have out to currency holders and listeners of the big call. So big call universe this call is for you   Let’s, let’s go into the Intel segment – a lot of different things today.


The interesting part about where we are, is that we’re getting the direction that things are going to happen soon, but we don’t know exactly when – we did believe that we would get notified by today.


It was going to be Wednesday or Thursday we would be notified  – and we’d be exchanging Thursday or Friday – hasn’t happened. Bondholders are looking to be notified possibly tomorrow, which is Friday and get their access to funds on Friday or Saturday – And that’s something that none of the bondholders except the super whales have received their 1% of their funds.


The Super whales, which would still be part of tier three, receive 10% of their total. That’s all they’re gonna get. Because the 90% that they agreed upon months and months and years ago, would go directly into NESARA and GESARA for humanitarian projects.


Now that’s not the case with us. If we want to exchange and keep everything for ourselves, we can do that. Most of us have designated a certain portion, at least of the Zim, if not other currencies to be utilized for humanitarian projects – You know


I think I told you guys years and years ago, that the value of zim was so great. My plan was to utilize all of it for humanitarian projects. And some of you guys might agree with doing that. It’s up to you.


But the regular bondholders – the ones that we know and talk to their paymasters are saying they’re looking for these guys to get those emails that will give them access to funds, spendable funds, but it’s projected like it has been for a while to be, lets say tomorrow and the next day. But will that happen?


We just don’t know. We hope it does, because we’re tied to the tier three bondholders getting access to funds because of the so called shotgun start. That puts us getting notified 12 to 14 hours after they get their notifications by email. So we’re tied to that in some way to be notified ourselves.


And to take that concept further.  Say well, what’s going on internationally? Well, let’s talk about the BRICS countries.


Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.


Well, the BRICS nations have a summit that’s going to be in Johannesburg, South Africa, on the 28th on the 22nd through the 24th of this month 22nd to the 24th they are supposed to have a BRICS consortium, gold backed currency has all of these nations. And there’s five in there now plus, others that have joined and maybe another 40 that want to be admitted into this consortium. of gold backed currency countries.


There’s, it’s going to be a big deal, and it’s already a big deal, because these countries  are trading their currencies back and forth. And it’s expected that they will have a gold backed currency within the BRICS nations somewhere in that either right before, during or after that summit in South Africa.



Now, we, as you know, the USN – We’ve got that out digitally, and we’ll have it out soon enough, but it’s supposed to be announced somewhere between the 18th and the 21st of this month.  So just prior to the BRICS conference or BRICS summit in Johannesburg, so we know that announcing the USN as our asset backed currency – we talked about Tuesday, we’re not truly going back on the gold standard.


But in a sense our currency is highly backed by gold and other currencies  – other assets –  like other types of precious metals, oil, natural gas, intellectual property, all of these things that will back our USN and give it the value that it has – So that’s something to keep an eye on.


Now. What happens for us between now and then, Could we get notified here in the next day or so and get this party started for currency holders and Zim holders to redeem their zim?    We all hope so obviously.


The other thing that is going on –  this morning at 4am. And I’m not positive whether this was Iraq time at 4am or 4am. Eastern I couldn’t get that confirmed by the time of the call.


However, the visa direct payment systems. The DPS – visa direct payment system was instituted to be a lot like Zell which is used inside the United States to transfer funds from individual to individual. Well, this visa direct payment system has been designed and been in the works for many years. I know some of the people that have been working on that and it’s designed to send funds internationally, person to person – directly – like as if we’re using Zell.


But this is something that supposedly started today or they had the ability to start today – and it was something that we heard was going to be started in Iraq today, but it’s a global system. It’s something that could be used in all 209 countries.


And if it in fact got started in Iraq this morning, which we haven’t confirmed, we’re having difficulty getting the confirmation out of Iraq. However, if that did happen, then everything’s moving forward in that light. And that’s another thing that – quote un quote – needed to be done was the institution of the visa, direct payment system. Now that that’s in place, I think that moves us that much closer to what you and I are looking for.


Okay, now let’s see what else we know.


First of all, is the timing, obviously, that we want. We’ve got the concept of getting notifications – to bondholders being notified –  us being notified –  We know that the redemption center staff has been going in since last Tuesday, two days. ago. And our understanding is that he’s still going in waiting for these numbers to come out. And for them to be able to set the appointments on the redemption center end – And once we get these numbers


There’s one other thing that’s an important point that’s supposed to happen tomorrow – And that is that you guys have heard me talk about the Emergency Broadcast System, the Emergency Alert System. Oh, I got another one for you. We believe this is the merger of the emergency broadcast and emergency alert system. It’s called the E W S emergency wireless system.



And this is what our spooks in our military guys are talking about now. The emergency wireless system will be tested at approximately 2:20pm tomorrow afternoon Eastern, daylight time – based on that we think its a test. It could be more than that. We don’t know if it could be more. Maybe it’s a free trigger to something. Maybe it’s not but I think it’s good the way that it’s at least designed to be tested tomorrow as the emergency wireless system EWS.  So we’ll see how it comes out.


The other thing is we have international martial law in place now, globally, martial law. We have martial law inside the United States and seven states currently and in approximately 60 cities that are considered hotspots around our country.


Speaking of hotspots I wanted to bring up and I should have brought this up far earlier in the call about the fires that took place in Maui  Hawaii, in the Lahaina  area where I’ve been at least seven or eight times – I’m pretty familiar with what it used to look like. And it appears from our sources that these fires were intentionally set by deep state.


Now, we know that the same type of thing happened in California you might remember where homes were destroyed when trees weren’t even affected.


Now in the case of the Lahaina, you know, we lost evidently that huge big Banyan tree ( ) over there in Lahaina which was a huge thing for the people and for all of us can appreciate that. The length and longevity of that tree. I understood that I don’t know this absolutely understood it that was taken out in this fire. Also a number of businesses and shops and homes on both sides of Main Street in Lahaina –  it’s devastating for them. I think they’re so far they found 39 and lost their lives.


We mourn for them. And we just I mean that’s a very special place on Maui. And I know the people are absolutely devastated over there.


What I’m proposing is that when we do get this blessing that rebuilding Lahaina or rebuilding Maui, in that sense, will be one of our first activities to go over there and help people rebuild. And I’ve got some ideas about how we’re going to do that. So we’ll see how that comes about. But that’s, that’s really terrible, and it’s just something that I can’t understand why that happened. But I know that that’s what the Deep State has done and has done evidenced by what they did in California.



So to our Hawaiian brothers and sisters on and I understand the Big Island also might have had some fires over on the Big Island of Hawaii.  And your Hawaiian brothers and sisters.  I just are aloha is with you we give you our Aloha.  And we look forward to seeing that area, rebuild and lives restored.


You know? So let’s see what happens. We’ll see what you guys do about that. If you want to make that a project or if you have another project and you need a way to create that and make that a real thing.


Now we do want to pray about those who lost everything over in the Lahaina in Maui. And it just was super, super devastating. And we’ll make it a rebuild. Rebuild site. Rebuild America Okay, that’s what we need to do.


I think guys, all we can do at this point, the same thing. Stay positive. See this future happening for you?


Exactly when it’s unveil. We’ll have to see how it goes in the next few days. Maybe something happens before and during the weekend. Maybe it starts again next week. We’ll just have to see what happens. But let’s go ahead and pray this call out. And then we’ll look into over the weekend. We’ll see what else is happening. Usually I get something after I finished the call. Usually I guess something the next day, but we’ll have a call next Tuesday if we don’t have this beforehand, okay.  Let’s pray the call out.




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