Bruce’s Big Call Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 4-25-23

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 4-25-23


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Welcome, again, everybody to the Big Call. It is Tuesday, April 25TH and you’re tuned in and listening to the Big Call. Thank you everybody, for being here and being so faithful to tune in again, whether it’s live or whether you’re listening on a replay number, replay link, or however you’re getting us through all kinds of cool software that puts it in your own language all over the globe. I know. Last Thursday, we were in 174 countries with the Big Call – and then we got blocked out of eight additional countries. We don’t even know what those countries were I can’t find out. But anyway, we were getting the word out and getting the message out and so if you’re tuned in good for you.


All right, Intel wise – Let’s talk about where we stand – And I think this is really a significant night for us.


What’s been happening this week, and yesterday which was Monday – was the day of phase one, liquidity.  Phase one liquidity was when the Treasury sentt the major banks  a number followed by 64 zeros – a huge number – and those funds went into our major banks for two reasons –


One They went for the bondholders liquidity, so that they would have access to funds and have liquidity in their accounts for their bonds. So that went out and that actually completed at 3am this morning. There were a couple setbacks yesterday. And there was resumption a couple hours later –  by 10, or midnight,  they actually finished up about 3 am this morning, which is fine, no problem. No harm, no foul  – all good.


The other portion of funds that were sent from that first phase of liquidity yesterday was to  states treasuries, and that was for NESARA. So then those NESARA  funds went to the States treasuries yesterday and also today.


So the second phase of liquidity from our treasury – went out today, that 11 to 1:30 a m. And to my way of thinking, probably finish up sometime later tonight – it could be done but might not be done till later.


The first phase finished at 3 am this morning, – that started yesterday  at 11:30 –  and  today started at 1131 and it’s probably wrapping up – we’re just about to wrap up tonight.


So, the first phase to the banks – here’s where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. From a very strong connected source to the principles in this whole thing – We have that tomorrow at 4am. bondholders are to start getting their emails which will give them access to funds – access to their 1% of their funds in their accounts, from their bond deal. Okay, the bond sellers get that tomorrow morning – Starting at 4am.  That’s on Wednesday – tomorrow.


We in tier 4B are to receive our email notifications anytime after 10:30am tomorrow morning. That would be Eastern Daylight Time. And it meant I’ve been told my theory was correct, that we would get those notifications at the same time in each time zone.


So the theory is 10:30 Let’s say East Coast time, it would be 10:30 Central 10:30, Mountain Time, 10:30 Pacific, etc, etc. So that’s really exciting and something we’re really looking forward to.


Then we would ostensibly once having received those emails, we would set our appointments through the call centers with the 800 number. Tomorrow,  for appointments to start Thursday.


Tomorrow would be an appointment setting  day with the call centers and redemption centers. And then the physical appointments themselves will take place on Thursday. Start on Thursday, and Power  right through  the rest of the week. And weekend. Well, well into next week.


That is what we’ve heard and  in our prayer tonight – Especially when we close in prayer tonight – our prayer is for this intel to be true to stand up and be what actually happens  – that it actually manifests in this way, tomorrow for us.


I was told by two other sources that tomorrow would be a very interesting day for us. We were told tomorrow has a lot going on, which it does. So I was also told remember we’ve talked to some weeks ago about restitution allowance coming out on the fourth Wednesday, which is tomorrow. I Found out today they don’t want that to happen – because of everything else that’s going along tomorrow –  ie our notifications and the bondholders, emails and liquidity tomorrow.


But the restitution allowance would start in the first week of May – and I don’t know what day exactly – It won’t really matter for us that are in these currencies and that have the appointments that are set for our exchanges that are redemption of zim, but it will be some very significant for other people that may not be invested in any way in the currencies like we are. Okay.


So that is the very crux of what we’ve been looking for and searching for for quite a long time.


They don’t want us to get there more than 10 minutes  prior to our appointment time.


So if you’re an early bird kind of guy that think it’s cool to be early for an appointment  – Forget it – be on time – on time is respectful – earliest not being respectful of other people’s time. But no more than 10 minutes  or less early for your own appointments.


Also redemption center staff has been receiving more of the Qphones and more of the laptop certificates which are good for Android and other certificates for Apple laptops – and the theory is that each certificate theory is about up to $1,000 that can be used in eight different retail locations such as Best Buy – staples, etc.


Okay, so that’s something to keep in mind. You’ll get that as well as a I’m going to call it a packet of information that those were being combined with the phones and certificates. So that in the redemption center and I think this is the last step in the redemption center process that you’ll receive the phone.


They’re not gonna have time to activate it for you. They’re not gonna have time to talk about setting up your laptop, but you don’t even have at the  appointment. You get that later at  the Best Buy and so whatever. Okay,


But it might be instructions on how to set that up. For you  – Why are you getting these – why are you getting a satellite phone? Are you getting a laptop anyway? Why do they care? Why do they care at the redemption center while you’re getting that? Why are they giving it to you?


You can buy it, why are they giving it to you? Because we’re going to be able to do fund transfers from our quantum accounts to our primary or secondary bank accounts. Okay, by the laptop or by your Q phones using your Qcard or your quantum access card. A cue card is going to have your biometric fingerprint on it.


See, that’s what you get when you get it. You’re gonna get that ostensibly you get that on day one. Get that and you’ll get the coordinates and so on of what to enter to move funds and I believe that idea activate that card – and move some funds on day one at the redemption center – If you choose to move it from the Quantum account, or all of the funds from your exchanges and redemption go in to the quantum account and then you move funds from that quantum account into your primary Wells account I’m calling it primary.


Some people use the term master account, put it in your primary and then you can move those funds into a secondary account as you set up those secondary accounts. Like I mentioned, I’m doing for my LLCs for my projects.


Okay. And so, you know, all of that is going to be a lot clearer for us and hopefully it’s in the instructions that they give you and it probably has further instructions on your quantum account, and so on. I don’t know how big a little packet that’s going to be or how big those instructions are going to be. But I believe that’s what they’ve been doing yesterday and today is assembling those for us  at the redemption center.


And beyond that. – Obviously, when the numbers come out, we’re going to send those out via email from the Big Call Universe –


And that’s going to be a way for you to see get the number if you don’t get it on your own email – remember they’ve got a basically all the any email they’ve got on you is from when you purchase currency from a bonafide currency dealer.


They should have it they’ve cross referencing cross checks all these emails and hopefully they’ve got an accurate Hey, listen, there’s gonna be some people that drop through the cracks. There’s people that have been gifted zim, for example, they don’t even know what day it is. They don’t have a clue about the zim. They don’t know anything about it or the value of it really. They’ve been gifted in a way in my opinion was not responsible


Because when you give something that has such intrinsic value – you should explain that and explain in detail what to do with it and how to find out what to do with it when the time comes. Well the time is about to come and a lot of people they don’t have emails or because they were gifted zimm. These are the people that I’m supposed to get to – And that I’ve been taught that I was supposed to supposed to put a toll free number out to them when I got it. They were gonna get it and we’ll put it out in those emails. And we’ll also be on the homepage of our website.


Now, this is all subject to, you know, NDAs and instructions and so on, which I have none have yet but I’m looking forward to getting that and find it out. So hopefully we get all that squared away. We get it out tomorrow, as we’re indicated. We set our appointments tomorrow and enjoy the ride on Thursday. Okay, that’s gonna be cool. So beyond that, that’s all I’ve really got to say that I can think of that’s pertinent  into right now.


So I’m gonna leave it at that and say thank you. I’m hoping this is our last call. We never know. This is the plan anyway. Based on information we have, our goal is to pray it in and believe for that which we’re playing. That’s the way and when I say hope it’d be patient. That’s what we’re expecting.


So I want to thank everybody that’s been a listener to the big call for these 12 years. And thank you so much for everybody that’s been part of the call Thank you very much for your involvement with the call.


Thank you, national zucchini day. Everything else is so valuable guys. And thank you everybody that’s been listening and is listening. That might be new listeners. You know, there’s probably people out there that this is the first call they’ve ever heard. And they have no clue what I’m talking about. And hopefully they’re gonna get some information and glean a little bit out of it. I hope so. But those that have been with somebody you guys have not ever missed a call. You go way back, you go way back even before the big call to to the midnight think tank where I was a moderator for a year. Andsome of you guys go back from there.


So thanks, everybody for listening. We appreciate you. I’m going to be in touch with you how by email. After this goes, we’ll send we’ll be doing a short podcast type call. Maybe we’ll send it out. I know we will. And we’ll send it out in the form of a link in your email. So if I don’t have your email, there’ll be no way we can communicate with you. So we really appreciate everything that everybody has done to support the big call. And hopefully you’ve gotten a lot out of this. So this is a big thank you and a big time for us to get together and pray this call out and look forward with great anticipation to what we’re expecting to see tomorrow. So let’s look for that




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