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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 6-21-22

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday June 21st and you’re listening to the big call – thanks for tuning in – welcome everybody to the longest day of the year – our summer solstice – we’re excited that you’re here

What is really interesting is to see how this thing has progressed and to see what has been happening behind the scenes – like we talked about earlier during the teaching tonight – we did get some information saying that the bond holders were looking to be notified with their emails to get them access to their funds / liquidity in their accounts – should start over night tonight – should see more of those going out to the tier 3 bond holders


So that is finally a good sign – and we are going to be close I think – to being parallel with what they are experiencing – what we’re getting now is that there are – let’s just say there was a big sting operation that took place yesterday and a certain amount of people tried to exchange Dong in three cities in the US and three in Switzerland –


This was a plan they had to try to catch these people that were not good folks – but deep state – and they were able to get those handled yesterday and that was over 3150 arrests that took place – so that should be as far as we know – maybe that is the last thing that we know of before we go


Now the information that we’re getting which is very limited but every once in a while we get a little piece of intel that comes in – One of those is that we have according to one individual at one of the redemption centers – he is giving it a 98% chance that we would get notified tomorrow –


Now maybe that means that we get notified and start tomorrow (Wed) afternoon / evening – or maybe it means we set appointments tomorrow and go on Thursday – either way is a win / win – as you all know


Getting the notifications – getting the toll free number to set our appointments that is a win – a big deal – Once we get that I say we are golden – we really are


Also we’ve got half of the people around the globe are in economies that are gold backed already – that means that these countries are gold backed and on the  QFS and we are moving towards 100% completion of gold backed currency and other asset backed currencies around the globe –


It started with the BRICS Nations and then they added plus 12 including Saudi Arabia and other nations added onto the BRICS Nation  – so that’s a really good start –


We know that the QFS is not hackable – we know that it’s going to be safe for us to do our exchanges into a digital currency and get access to our Quantum account too move funds into our primary account with Wells Fargo initially –


The timing is really good for us – we had some information that was not complete and then that got completed and verified today again so we’re looking good – to get this whole thing started for us – that would be tier 4A and 4B which Wells Fargo refers to as tier 4 – so that is the Admiral’s group and us the internet group –


We have over 3 million zim holders globally around the world and what we’re trying to do is get this thing going and have the freedom to go with our projects –  Thanks everyone for listening


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