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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 9-20-22


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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It’s Tuesday, September the 20th.  And you’re listening to the big call. Thanks everybody from wherever you’re listening from, wherever you’re tuning in, from. I know I’m not supposed to end that with a preposition but I did. And thank you wherever you are for catching this call, whether it’s live, or whether it’s on the replay. We love it. We’re out there. We’re getting out to quite a bit of the world. This is a global call that I’ve got some global information. We all have some really good stuff to give you tonight – so I’m really excited for this.


Bob, I’ll take it from here. Thank you so much – appreciate it and we’ll see where we go from here now – yeah, thank you – the Intel guys tonight – I’m gonna see and I talked to Bob about a few things so if I forget something Bob might prompt me on it but I think we have a really good position right now –


I did get a little bit of additional information that sort of skews and changes what I was going to bring out to you guys during Sue’s segment.  I had to get off for a minute and get on and get back on the call. So it’s gonna skew what I had to say a little bit.


So let’s go back and talk about where we have been – really since Thursday to today – We had 8910 tier three and tier four banks that had not come into play with the quantum financial system – 8910 I’m going to change that number guys. I just gotta clear in on that – It was 9810 banks – tier three and tier four banks  that were not connected to the quantum financial system 9810.


Now, why were they not connected? They got the software sent to them to connect to the QFS weeks ago, weeks and weeks ago. They got the information, but they refused to connect.


Well, I can tell you why they weren’t connected because in their banks were several many accounts that were cabal or deep state accounts – that were moving funds and accessing funds that would not be picked up on the QFS because they were still using the SWIFT system – Well now the SWIFT system is no longer being used in the United States, but it is being used outside of the United States for a period of time.


But I believe that that will stop by the end of this month or October 1, no more SWIFT system used internationally by other countries, other countries banks –


So of the 9810 banks there were 3012 that came to the party and signed up on the quantum financial system.  The remaining approximately 6800 banks tier three and four banks will be shuttered closed, their assets are seized.  And those bank locations will be sold off by the by the United States Treasury – by our government.


So what does that say?  That’s saying we have 3012 that actually signed up and that were okay – and that connected to the quantum financial system.


The other ones did not and their assets are seized by Treasury and those arrests have already taken place – and that was completed – I believe Thursday, Friday and Saturday all the way up until Monday morning at 9am.


So that took place for those guys, those bankers were under arrest and have been picked up  – The account holders that were legitimate, were sent letters a couple of weeks prior to this activity, so that they could take the funds out of those tier three and tier four banks safely and move them to another bank.


Well, they were covered. The good account holders, account holders in good standing were able to do that so understand as of tonight, all of the bankers that needed to be arrested in the United States have been picked up.


We use the term clean up on aisle three – well aisle three is looking pretty clean right now.  All right, so that’s  what we have to say about the tier three and tier four banks.



Let’s talk a little bit more about what is going on for us. We know that most banks tiers one and two at least and redemption centers have been receiving tranches of new money – our USN and USTN currency – folding money – Okay. They have been receiving that for quite some time – but they got extra tranches of that from Thursday to now – Extra tranches of those new bills. Okay, which would be hundreds 50s 20s 10s and fives and singles.


I don’t know if they’ve got a new single or not a new dollar, I don’t know, but I know they have the, the other bills, and they’re in the teller drawers they’re in the bank vaults, they have them.


Okay, Now, not all banks are aware of what’s going on and everything goes down to the teller level, they know the least, they are the last to find out about anything, the tellers. They don’t want to lose the tellers.


Now –  What happened last week, when we talked on Thursday night’s call, I believe I told you guys that the fiat money – meaning our non asset backed currency that we currently have in our pockets or in our wallets and purses – Okay, That money was being delivered by the Federal Reserve, all the way through last Tuesday, a week from today,  a week ago. That stopped a week ago – fiat money delivered to the US banks stopped last Tuesday


In fact, some banks because that money was only going to last so long if people needed cash in the bank and that money basically in some banks, they have run out.  And in some banks The lobby is closed.


Alright, so let’s talk about what happened. The Federal Reserve, as you guys know, was tied to the USA Corporation.  The corporation is no longer in play, and the Federal Reserve went bankrupt – As well as the banks that we have.


We’re in a  – in a reorganization position to restructure themselves and recharter under the restored Republic of the United States, the restored Republic, so all the banks are fine, but they did restructure – this was a matter of legal paperwork to put those together as being properly organized, restructured, under the restored Republic.


So what happened starting Thursday, the US Treasury started delivery of our new asset backed currency to those banks.


Now, the banks have had deliveries of the currency, but they have not yet been able to use that money and put the new money out to the public.


And we learned today that that these new monies are there for us, for our exchanges, for the redemption centers, and also for bond holders, and also for prosperity package people.  So they’re in the banks with the new money essentially held for us to do our exchanges.


So reorganization the banks this week. Some people are looking for a stock market crash. We’ve seen a downward trend over the last few weeks and especially this past week, and this week, we’re seeing some of that movement. I don’t know if it’s enough to be called that caused a crash. And I don’t know if we’re gonna see that.


Or if it’s going to be a simply a correction. Correction is when the stock market has a 10% reduction in value. And that’s considered a correction in the market.


So guys, I’m not truly following it too closely, except to say that some people are thinking we’re going to see the markets crash. I don’t know if that’s going to happen, I wouldn’t worry about it. But if you’re in the market, you might, if you’re in the stock markets, you might want to take a look at it and see what’s going on and talk with your people about it


Now, when it comes to the markets themselves – we know that there are a lot of factors beyond the idea of the stock market crashing.


We know that we’ve got the new money that’s held ready for us to start – we know that the green light has been given from Treasury and the US Space Force to Wells Fargo to use their discretion on when they are going to release those funds. Well if those funds are held for us, for our exchanges to begin and for the bondholders It means that Wells Fargo has the green light to go ahead when they feel the timing is right to release the emails for our notifications – for our toll free numbers to be sent out.


Now, I did get a piece of Intel later on tonight. It skewed what I was going to tell you a little bit because it looked as if we would be notified tomorrow afternoon    I’m just telling you what I was hearing from two different sources that we’re in a position to know.


Now the latest Intel tells me that the schedules for the redemption centers look to be to where they’re not going to be open for three or four days.   That could take us to the weekend. And possibly nothing happens for us in terms of notifications until this weekend. I’m calling that Friday or Saturday.


We’ll see what happens. We know the intention is to have Charlie Ward release the GESARA announcements, Global Economic Strategic and Recovery Act that announcement the 24th or 25th – that’s Saturday or Sunday? We’re actually hearing the 24th.


Now  NESARA has been on a limited basis release – already in the United States – to some extent.


But obviously the real flow of NESARA has not hit us yet. That may come out at a similar time, along with GESARA – GESARA and NESARA , could get announced together this Saturday. That’s only a few days away – the 24th


We know that they intend for the public – that would be tier five – to start somewhere around the second or third of October. But we also know that that has been pushed back as we have been pushed back that could move to from the second or the third.


I know that Bob how I do it. Is there anything I’m leaving out so far? We’ve talked a little bit about the queen I guess.


Yep. A couple things. One is yes. Counsel of three hundred.


Okay. thank you, Bob. The let’s talk first about Iraq. Now, Iraq’s new president or prime minister, I don’t know what tiredly is going to be other than commander in chief of the armed forces. of Iraq, made a trip over to the United States and has been meeting the last two days with President Trump with Stephen Mnuchin of the Treasury with Judy Shelton, and I think two other high level individuals that are well trusted by President Trump.


Now, they met yesterday, they were meeting today by lunchtime they were still together. And this is something we know a little bit about. So that’s a very positive thing.


Beyond that, we know that some of you may have followed the funeral for Queen Elizabeth. We know that there were quite a few dignitaries and people that were attending the funeral. And we also know that there was there was a definite plan for a global cleanup of aisle three after the funeral was over. That did take place.



Beyond that, that tells us that a lot is happening. Oh, the other thing I was thinking about was, you know, you guys know the Euro is the currency that’s used in mostly in mainland Europe as an international currency.


Our understanding is that the Euro itself will go away and the individual countries currencies will come back as asset backed currencies. We’re talking Italian lira li ra, the Italian lira, the French franc. That’s f r a n c. Right. The Spanish peseta PA SETA I believe, Spanish peseta from Spain, the Belgian whatever it is –


In other words,  all of these countries that have been under the euro are going to have the euro no longer – and in my opinion, that may take place as a result of GESARA‘s announcement on Saturday.


Now could anticipation about that, or could that precipitate a market crash of some kind? Maybe so, maybe that is all it would take. There’s obviously something that people are anticipating this I’m not gonna say it’s absolute.


Other people are saying it, I’m just watching it. I don’t have that insight to say it’s absolutely going to take a huge downturn, but I can see a few factors out there that could precipitate a decline in the market. Let’s say it that way, a decline in the market.  Okay, so that’s something to be aware of.


The Committee of 300 is a group that is highly controlling about 5000 of the world’s largest corporations – and there might be some adjustments that are made with those individuals – Because of what is going on, globally, I mean, this has got to be great for us, and a lot of people are more comfortable with the old status quo.


And realize now that since the Queen died – all of those countries around the globe that were under British rule, are no longer under that situation anymore.  They have sovereignty, they have liberty that they didn’t have before.


In our situation – I wonder how many of you in big call universe know this  — our federal income taxes that we’ve paid over umpteen many, many years.


You realize that none of that money went to our country.


That’s a tough pill to swallow.


That money went to the Queen and that hierarchy.  It went to the Rothschild’s and  it went to basically the Catholic Church. Okay – It went to Rome.


And that is really amazing. If you think about the trillions of dollars in taxes that we’ve paid, has been used for other countries and other people’s benefits, not for the United States. That’s all changing.


That’s completely changing under NESARA


When we go to when we go to a consumption tax – similar to a VAT – a value added tax – it’s going to be a tax of approximately 15% – that’s going to be inboarded in the prices of new goods. It’s not a part of food. You’re not gonna get taxed on food. You’re not getting taxed on any medicines, or anything like that. But it is on new items that you buy. But there’ll be no more federal income tax and really no more state income tax.


The states will get approximately half of that 15% that’s collected in each state through the retail environment and other ways that that items are purchased.


Half would go to the state approximately, and half would go to the federal government.


So you’re gonna see a major reduction of US Government Offices and Services, and so on. That that we have done that’s what’s happened in Washington, DC. That’s why the IRS has been dramatically reduced and is in boarded or in brought into the US Treasury.


And you’ll see other US agencies taking I think, major reductions, major hits – as this gets put together.


So there’s going to be a lot of things that we see changes in in our country and around the globe.


Starting now, but really seeing it hopefully announced Saturday.


That’s supposed to be the days that it’s announced. We’ll have to keep an eye on it. And I really think a lot of the things that are going to be announced will start taking place as of October 1, because that would be the true start of our fourth quarter and the end of September – the end of our fiscal  f I s c a l year from an accounting point of view for accounting purposes.


So we’re open and ready for a lot of change. A lot of things are going to happen. And I think that’s the majority of what I wanted to bring out – that was safe to talk about. But it’s really an important time


Now, what happens to us in terms of our notifications. I mentioned to you earlier that it looks like we got pushed maybe another three or four days beyond tomorrow, so it could actually be – It could be the weekend.


Maybe they’re tying this in to the start of NESARA and GESARA – we thought we would be going with notifications tomorrow and starting probably Thursday – But at this point that is up in the air. To me, it’s up in the air.


So we’re going to have to just stay with this a little bit longer and try to absorb what’s been happening and what is happening tier three and four banks are finally coming to the party and the ones who didn’t are going to be shuttered. And you know, it’s  really an amazing time for us – that’s all I can say – amazing for us to be here where we are be part of this, and witness everything that’s going on.


So that’s what I wanted to say tonight.  All right, so that’s what I wanted to share tonight. Let’s keep an eye on the next several days especially the weekend If we are delayed somewhat because the schedule might not kick in for the redemption centers. And for us, until the weekend as what we’re hearing so let’s see how that happens and what happens with it. All right, let’s pray the call out, and then we’ll go from there.


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