Bruce’s Big Call Tuesday Night

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 12-1-22


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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – It is Thursday, December the first, and you’re listening to the Big Call, you’re still tuned in and we’re still here.  We’re still here. Welcome everybody, wherever you’re tuned in from all over this beautiful blue marble of a globe. Thank you, and I got to start out by saying, before we pray the call in – I’m sorry


The information I had Tuesday was accurate – Beautiful – at the time, but I got more information today, so we’re gonna have an intel segment tonight I just wanted to get that out.   You know, I think gosh you guys have no idea. Anyway, I’ll get into it a little bit later.


I told you guys I wasn’t calling it Tuesday – but you know in terms of what I was giving you Intel wise, in my spirit – in my heart I really thought we were done – that was it – it was coming today. Now, certain things have happened that I’m going tell you about now, that may tell us why it didn’t happen today. And it’s always kind of neat if we go back and say, Wait a minute, such and such happened – and such and such –. Why didn’t it go? Why didn’t it go? I know you guys ask yourself that – you know


The other thing is that there were some things and there may be more things that need to happen – that still haven’t happened but  — let me lay it out as to where we are now. Okay, first of all, let’s talk about pickups of bankers in five countries


We have almost 1300 Bankers listed in less than 20 – 29 hours in Canada – the US – Iran – Iraq – and Afghanistan. Those five countries – almost 1300 bankers arrested – probably needed to be done. Probably needed that to happen – before we went – also there are two major banking families from history that both names begin with the letter “R” – wonder who they are.


They’re remnant, if you will, of their people with that name have been – and let’s just use the kind of term – “removed”.


Other key figures in the financial world – economic scenario – have been removed – and this is something that I believe had to happen.


We know that things have moved forward for the bondholders from yesterday, all the way through and including the weekend. We know that the introducers who introduce a bond seller to a bond buyer – Those introductory people are commissioned on the sale and they will receive their monies Saturday afternoon at 4pm.


Now, they’re supposed to have them where they can see them in their accounts at four o’clock Eastern time Saturday – But they won’t have access to spend those monies until Monday or Tuesday.


So the remaining bond sellers of their bonds will have the money put into their accounts within like Monday morning.  Yeah, Monday morning, somewhere in the nine or 10 o’clock region.


We are supposed to be following very closely to that payout – the shotgun start – Every time we talked about it – We talked about being within 24 hours or 12 hours of each other or maybe two hours of each other. So it appears that those of us in tier four B will receive our notifications – at this point – It looks more like overnight Sunday into Monday morning – set an appointment on Monday or changes to start on Tuesday.


Now that’s where it is right now. Redemption centers staff is off tomorrow, but they’re on one hour and 15 minutes – Some of them one hour call times on Saturday – But they go into the redemption centers on Monday at 9:30 in the morning on Monday.


Now, if they go in at 9:30 in the morning – That tells me that they are ready to set our appointments very soon thereafter, and realize that you set your appointments by calling 800 number that goes to the call center, the Regional Call Center for Regional call centers, one for each main timezone in United States  Eastern – central – Pacific – Mountain –  right.


So when you call in, if you’re a Zim holder, you’ll get routed directly to the redemption center that you’ve indicated by zip code digitally probably on your phone pad – or they will give you a phone number that you can directly call to that redemption center to talk with someone there and get your appointment set with a live individual that will most likely be working with you on your zim and other currency when you get to the redemption center for your appointment no more than 10 minutes early.


No more than 10 minutes before your prescribed appointment time. They’ll probably tell you that but I’m telling you to you now.


Now in addition to that we talked in the past about structured payouts – and It ends up it was somebody with Bank of America came up with that and put that out. It was picked up in all fairness by other banks. Even Wells picked it up and was talking to us for a long time about it.


Guess what?  It doesn’t apply to us – forget about it, as they say in New York. forget about it. Forget it, forget about it – because it doesn’t apply to us. Who does it apply to?


A structured payout applies to bondholders and platform. Zin platform trades – they are paid on a scheduled payout – a structured payout – for those two things


We — here in tier four A & B – we will do it this way.


They will give us the amount of money of our total – Remember our total exchange goes into our quantum account – which we have a quantum access card for to access it – Remember that three times the thickness of a normal credit card, got a biometric fingerprint in the chip, one of the chips got other stuff about us and the other two just got three chips in the card – made of titanium.


And it is specific to us. You don’t  ever lose this card – and you keep it in a very safe place when you only really use it to move monies from your quantum account into one of your other bank accounts.


In our case initially, from the redemption centers will have a quantum account, which by the way we make no interest on. It is not an interest bearing account. It is in the quantum computer, if you will.



But when we move money from the quantum account into our what is called the primary account with Wells Fargo that will earn interest and it’s up to you to negotiate that rate of interest at the redemption center – they should offer you something but if they don’t, then you should negotiate. And there’s a pretty healthy little interest rate that you can obtain


Now, so you know that and if you’re having Zim – reportedly you have projects because you can’t use all the money that you have from the Zim anyway. So we’ve been putting it into these massive  – Sue  estimates — we’ve done 30,000 projects from the big call alone. But Sue has worked on and known about 30000 – That’s a lot – All right.


So let’s say you’re one of those people and you’ve got four projects they call we’ve got five project categories, we’ll probably do more. But let’s say we start with our five and we will move money from our quantum account into our primary account for either – this is up to you – either the first 90 days, which is what I’m going to do – three months – or 120 days, which is four months.


And you can do it either way. Me – I think I’m gonna set mine up, or I move the money that I anticipate needing for the first three months – now this is an estimate.


I’m probably going to estimate a little high but I want to have enough so there’s no hassle, I can obtain what I need to obtain and wise everything else for the veterans retreat network to get started on the – what we need for the rebuild America projects. – Don’t forget rebuild Haiti – Dominican Republic, rebuild the Bahamas and pastoral retreat project.


Now the money that you move into your primary Wells Fargo account – then you can move those funds from the primary to secondary accounts. I told you guys I was going to do LLC for projects based on my attorneys recommendation – I’m doing that. And I already have four LLC set up for those projects.


So I’ll move those funds into the LLC to be accessible. Okay, and those will be additional accounts that the LLC will be on the account name that will be the account name.


So we’re going from there. And we’re thinking and then after that, let’s say my case I’m going to 90 days. After that 90 days, you have full access to the remainder of your quantum account. So you can move monies in money transfer wherever you need to you can move it in to your primary or secondary accounts, from your quantum account.


So it’s pretty good when you’re getting full access after the first three months Now what is what are you going to be doing? They will be monitoring the quantum system, the QFS – THE QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM – will be monitoring your transactions.


Remember I told you about the 55 page book of people that you’re going to receive at the redemption center, who not to give money to – what people – what organizations, – what companies that you’re not allowed to give money to or they will freeze your funds and you’re SOL —forget about it, okay.



Pay attention to that book, read that book. Make sure there’s nobody in there that you had any intention of giving money to or your accounts will be frozen and you will just say sayonara – see you later. Okay. Don’t be a victim of that. So they’re gonna monitor that. The QFS will monitor who funds go to.


I’m sure some of our bankers will be in touch with us – they are not in control of your money. It may seem like it, but they’re really not. They’re supposed to be there to help us. So don’t get into an adverse relationship with your premier bankers at Wells Fargo. They should be on the same side of the table as you- they are there to help you and you’re there to do your thing to do your projects to be the man whatever it is you’re going to be and they’re there to assist you.


Okay, that’s the plan that they can give you and so on that you can understand. I’m sure they’re going to charge fees for some things but shouldn’t be a big deal. We should be in pretty good shape as far as that goes. All right.


So we know how the money is going to flow we know we can choose for the first 90 days or the first 120 days a few which period, you want to choose – you are under a structure payout. – And then just take what you estimate you need for the first 90 days or 120 days whichever way you want to go.


I have an idea  –  I ‘m gonna  put extra dollars in and then we can get access to that –  move it around, do what we need to do, move it into our LLC accounts, whatever  – do as you guys want to do. But realize the whole mother lode is available to you after the first 90 days or 120 days if that’s the route you choose. Okay? It’s in the quantum account. It’s safe. Your money is backed by gold for the most part and some other assets as well. But we will have access to it as needed.


It’s going to be one heck of a time that we’re about to step into and it looks like there’s a chance we can get notified as early as Saturday. However – I’m suggesting that it might just be Monday notifications, set appointments then go on Tuesday as it is now with no major changes.


That is the plan and we have major arrests that take place that I told you about the big banking families with the “R” names, no longer a problem. So they are getting things done. The Supreme Court decision we understood would be announced by today. I don’t think it was but I know it’s coming soon, very soon, and that will change and upset the applecart for a lot of people.


Not for me, we are aware of what’s going on. So that’s what I wanted to bring you guys tonight. I don’t think I left anything out. I think that’s everything I wanted to share with you guys tonight. So let’s go with that. And let’s pray the call out and look forward to a remarkable week and no more  ????? hopefully after the weekend. They’ll have no more  ??????  ???????.  (words not understood)


Okay.  So let’s, let’s just everybody just chill. Let’s everybody just breathe. Let’s work on our heart and getting that 20,000 times normal Photon Light emitting from our hearts to heal and cleanse  and build this world out. You know I’m looking forward to happening coming pretty soon. Looking very good at this point. It just did not occur in the timeline that we had to see. And in a way I can kind of see why now. So let’s say from here. Let’s pray the call out that you guys have a wonderful weekend. And let’s watch the weekend watch your emails. Let’s see what happens – might not be anything until Monday. But you never know they could surprise us and bring something Saturday.


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