Delta…studies the CBI website for us…reads every article … interprets them.

He pays attention to the spreadsheet…shows key numbers…projected rates…but some fields are blank.

Projected rates show 14 to 15 cents…but the 2016 is blank.

Now, some are no longer variables…they are now derivatives.

So many things…and all before November.

We believe…Abadi and Saleh are sending confirmations/ documentations to the IMF within the 10 days that we talked about — which are coming to a close … all BEFORE November.

IMO — all an indication of their financial reform.

Overall they are talking about the Monetary Reform everywhere…and Delta found 3 sources now …and that’s why we tell you it is legit.

The rate of the IQD must go up…and the Lower Denoms must be introduced.

Delta said that the article when he translated said that this “DID HAPPEN” (past tense) the value of the IQD – the word “yurfaw” (sp) translated means that it did happen.

Street value? We’re not sure.