The Central Bank maintains the ISO 9001: 2015 certification

To complement the efforts to achieve sustainability in the implementation of quality management standards at the CBI, the Bank announces the completion of the annual review procedures for the renewal of the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate in accordance with the requirements of this international standard and its renewal by the donor company.

The bank added that the renewal process was followed by the external audit of the Bank’s cash management operations. The bank has obtained this certificate a year ago, and these measures are intended to measure the extent to which it has maintained its approved standards for the next three years. The Bank confirms that it is in the process of applying other international standards aimed at developing the institutional performance issued by ISO and EFQM.

The bank demonstrates that this ISO 9001 certificate is a translation of its success in implementing international standards such as: (reducing re-employment costs, providing high-quality services, using global best practices, increasing public and bank client confidence and ability to deal with global challenges such as changes in oil, foreign exchange and gold prices).

Central Bank of Iraq

Information Office

30 July 2019


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