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Article quote:  “The Kurdish government will stop delivering oil to the central government in Iraq and will instead export oil independently to make up for its budget shortfalls “, said the chairman of the KRG’s finance and economic affairs Izzat Sabir Ismael told Bloomberg News.” This statement is not from some irrelevant MP. It is the the chairman of the KRG’s finance and economic affairs.
If true then the oil and gas provision in the Iraqi budget has just been nullified.  I doubt that the Kurds will be sending any tariff revenues to Baghdad either.
My sense is that the Kurds are approaching “self-sufficiency” with their oil exports or at least revenues equal to or greater than funding from Baghdad.
I had some hope for this budget law, but…we shall see.

But we do also know this. The IMF is refusing to fulfill the 1.2 billions left of dispersement on a loan they approved for Iraq in October 2015 until they fulfill their part of the agreement to complete the currency reform.
Zebari said in his interview yesterday that the IMF loan proceeds had been received.   …Or World Bank Loan.!
Quote: ” …a few days ago we received one billion and 200 million dollars from the World Bank…
None left to disperse from the 1.2 billion it would appear.