In Craig 

“My Bank Story”

So I was at WF yesterday to take care of a mistake they made on my account and while I was talking to my personal banker who is a good kid and has become a pretty good friend, I mentioned foreign currency exchanges. He said that they can take any currency in there but they don’t carry any if you want to buy.

He then asked me what I had and I told him and he said they don’t do the dinar yet, but they do the dong and asked if I wanted a rate. I said no thanks.

We walked out together to my car and he told me outside that when he was at the main branch where they keep currencies to sell they had some Zims come in and the manager there told him he should buy a couple and just hold on to them.

He said that manager just called him yesterday and told him that those Zims were going to be worth something very soon to get ready and he would let him know when they are.

He is pretty excited and he doesn’t even know what he has he thinks he may get a few thousand dollars from them.

Anyway that’s my story.    Craig