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The reason I wanted to do this call since thru the night into today something big happened in the markets that is total bull**** that the markets are up.
Massive selloff in asia overnight. Dollar lost. You see the collapse of the dollar and all figured it out and US figured the dollar is ready to collapse. This is the scramble to get out of the dollar.
Gas, gold Oil and everything up and they are all selling at the top. Chinese is ready to drop the hammer on the whole thing,.
Japan went to negative interest rates. These are acts of desperation and at the end. Treasuries were down and dollars are down. Massive exodus from the dollar in the last 24 hours and yet nobody sees it.

They show charts on Bloomberg and spike in NA market but what they didnt show what dollar did against Asia only against the yen.
They would figure it out if they showed the others. These markets are moving everything but the dollar and all trying to get rid of the dollar,
Looks like we are set up for a RV absolutely. I believe it will go down this weekend Saturday night into Sunday and walking into the banks Monday and Tuesday.
What happened over night was huge. When FED raised rates and puts restrictions on midlevel business. and here the FED say they have to raise rates to cool our economy down. The charade the dollar is tied to oil thru opec and continue the illusion. The absurdity of the whole thing is it will all collapse unless they do a RV.
Asia very dramatic overnight.
People inside this know the game is up and getting out of the dollar as fast as they can. Moving into bond, stock and everything is up except the dollar.
I think PTB knows this not showing asia currency chart since everyone would figure this out.
That is the news and are ready for this thing. When it hits it will be unbelievable and the rates will be higher and hyperinflation of the dollar pretty quickly.
Zim referred as a bond does make sense and is it true ?  I dont know. Banks could exchange redemption and the explanation value all fit together and surmising I dont truly understand. It would make more sense if it is a bond and the rates would make a bond. Bond instead of a currency fit together.
Professor Florida: You just mentioned what is happening with the dollar and if it is so worthless and getting into cash in stocks or cash? DB: They are hoping to muscle thru this and use the dollar that Asia is dumping but it wont work. It is a desperate effort and it wont work. They are going into anything they can and not the dollar. How do we know how high the bonds will be. They are usually done on private exchanges and dont know the rates.
Lovelight: Gold inventories plummeted and not much left. Do you think that is true. DB: Comex gold lets just say the inventory contracts over gold 300 to 400 times more gold. They have been writing more contracts than what they have in gold. We will see how this work since they say they are balancing the books.
Need to write down the contracts and are coming out with stories of inventory down since they are commiting fraud for so long.
You see this in politics like they killed bin laden in 2001 and never saw the body. He was dead already. When they are caught they have to create the back story, but there is nothing to show.
NYSE announced beginning FEB 26 they are no longer accepting stock orders. If you have a stop order they are left holding they hand and they want us to hold part of the loss. They know this thing is going down.
They started this Feb 26th and it will happen after that.
Iran are restarting their services the 31st, andly 30 banks are blocked. If Iran is starting with Swift on the 31st what about Iraq? How does it fit in. Another month they can do anything they want with the CIPS system. What about Iraq if they are doing serious trading with the west they will. The countries that are going gold back is your future.
Brendad: Iran made a contract before Iraq. What about the expiration date on all of this. DB: As far as expiration date but an activation date want to do it sooner than later. They have a target on doing this. Iran ships loading with oil and only a matter of days on this.
Chilli: I went to the bank for other things and stopped and asked if Iran Rial is on the screens yet. The bank said it is not there. DB:ks have discretion of what currencies they want to sell in currencies. Do you think that is why we have to wait for 800 # it is all about logistics and all currencies they have. In WF I dealt with them yesterday and have 6 exchange centers and only one do the Iran Rial and all the currencies. They dont want people running to one bank and that is why they will do 800 numbers.
Brendad: Rial was on the screen for $33 was in the bank
Woman: Zim is a bond I am so used to numbers what do we do with a bond?  You will just make more money than you thought. You will get a higher rate at an exchange center in my opinion said Linda. I think some will go into branches and get as much as in the Exchange centers.
Ginger: Linda clarify?  Linda: Just the Zim if it is the bond and very possible and explain the high figures on it. Exch center would be a better place to negotiate a higher rate and in a branch is would be less probably.  Then you may have a price to negotiate. DB: There is a fine line of negotiating and be careful how high you go on the ZIM. The last thing I will do is go after a higher rate. I like what Louise Jefferson what is the highest you can give me. The first person to quote the number loses. you dont want to be the first one to draw a figure.
Joe: I am going to ask the question when do you think this RV will occur?
DB: He said the opportune time Saturday night into Sunday morning and in the banks Monday morning

Brendad: Bloomberg made it well know 100 dollar bill being sold on EBAY. DB: I am not sure. Something about sequential serial numbers linda heard had to do with uncirculated.  and double plate the ink is printed twice so it looks like the currency a 3 dimensional look.
Vega: couple of things bond with the ZIM? DB: I couldnt figure out the value was determined on the ZIM and someone said it is a historic bond and ready for redemption instead of exchanges.
Using that verb got my attention if the zim is a bond the term of redemption makes sense. If doesnt change what an investor does in the bank. It may have a much higher rate than we thought. One interesting thing on CNBC trying to explain what was going on in the market and said pension rebalancing and anything they can come up with for an excuse so there is not panic out there.
What made Japan to do the rate cut. Dollar losing ground. They were talking about the yen and sure the FED was strong arming the bank of China. If you follow currency flows it makes sense. It is an illusion. They are hitting commodies stocks and bonds. Oil made a 20% price up this week.
They want to prop up the illusion of what the dollar is all about.
Chilli: I just heard on Bloomberg negative rates in the US banks. that is pure speculation and cant go negative. That is why they raised interest rates since they are creating an illusion that the US dollar is strong when its not.
Denise: Back to the ZIM and heard rumors and heard there were buyers of pallets of 100 trillion dollar notes. How can that be accounted for? DB: I dont know On treasury bonds inverse yield to bond purchases I am not expert in bonds but once the yield drops below a certain point it could cause a collapse. Is that True? Once we got in the currency war it all changed.
No correlations to the markets and telling everyone to go to cash right now, since they market is so unstable. We are seeing things we have never seen before. Are they still dumb enough to buy bonds? Yes there are a lot of dumb people out there.
Corporate bonds got hammered last summer and it is widespread and not just in one asset class and it is happening across the board. Watch the dollar? Can you see the elite buying the bonds and only the institutions are buying the bonds.
There is a company and several banks buying bonds and cant recall their names. They are both in Holland Amsterdam. They are trying to make everything look like it is fine and the FED is creating two hedge funds and buy bonds over in that market which is very dishonest.
We heard a lot about Iran ships. Are they selling the oil in dollars, euro and other currencies. Not selling in dollars either into yuan or Russian ruble and other traders but none have been in dollars. The dollar days are over. Are they selling it in revalued price?  If it is on delivery and a timeline that they can get paid in Rial. Wont know that until the transaction is complete and that is why I feel we will see an RV by Monday. Since Iran should have a International Rate.
Lee: Bernake was talking about a negative interest rate.
Lionheart: Question on Zim bond. they said the have a contract attached to them on the bond. Isnt that a fraudulent act? DB: I wouldnt consider it a fraudulent action but it have a table of redemption they have to show that to you. If it is a fully negotiable instrument they dont. ZIM may be a bond not a currency. Lets wait and see what happens.
Coach: Binary options if we go to a gold back currency. DB: Binary action is a scam dont go there at all. They are rigged and were created and meet no regulatory. As far as Forex and we go gold standard the  forex market will die and be obsolete and will be short term. It will dissolve and began after we went off the gold standard. It will do the reverse and just shut down now.
DB Wrap up: We are done and wanted it to be a quck call and pay attention lots have happened in the last 24 hours and this is going to be very quick when it does happen in the Wee hours Sunday night and be ready for Monday Tuesday.  You are all about to be very rich and know what to do with that.
Linda: we wll have at least one more call maybe with 800 numbers or banks. Talk soon good afternoon.