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Article:  “An Invitation to Link the Iraqi Dinar to Global Economies
There is a lot information going on…one of them of course is the announcement from the CBI and…
We don’t think it will be 1180 or 1182…but you do remember basically the same announcement that came from the CBI back in December telling all the banks to get ready…
The first announcement back in December was talking about the rate that came out the 1182 and 1180 but this announcement that came out two days ago doesn’t have any rate they are just basically telling all their banks to calculate numbers based on the numbers from the CBI.

This announcement gives no numbers and they are being told to do this based on international standards…this is very important information.
This article about linking the Iraqi dinar globally…this guy I believe is the President of the Iraqi Stock Exchange and he talks about linking the dinar globally.
They have to do this and they know it…this guy knows what is happening and understands that the government and the CBI are about to do something and we should all understand this.