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Bank Story…
This as an absolute 100% factual report given to me by a trusted friend who I have mentored into the RV opportunity. He wanted to buy some more VND and asked the best way to go about purchasing. I told him that I the last time that I had purchased any VND (a few months ago) I simply went to a local Chase branch (Dallas TX area) and ordered it. It took a couple of days then I went back and picked it up.
He called a few minutes ago from the bank to report that he had ordered his VND and to his surprise it seemed that everyone in the branch was aware of the RV. They were eager to help him and told him that the branch would be an exchange center.
He also said that many of the tellers and even the WM there at the branch are invested in the VND and that the WM held both VND and Dinar and that they were just waiting and watching like the rest of us and that when it hapened they would be there to help.

That’s my story…and I’m stickin to it! TIOLI