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diane1 says to subgirl():  NEED to talk to GOD with all this waiting around for this to come about they were supposed to do this iin middle of 2016, but got delayed, if they are going to delete the zeros than the DINAR needs a rate otherwise currency without the zeros are useless.

To become international and be digitial how can they do either with a program rates. there so many multi-million, billion dollar investors BANKS, OIL COMPANYS CITIBANK EXXON MOBILE they are in iraq to make a sizeable return on their investment just like we are.


diane1 says to Mudder():I haave faith in thhis investment

magnetlady says():   Dinar Updates– “News Time” w/BGG & Company! –
– Sunday, May 7th, 7:30 pm CST – In the DU Chat Room!!

ABNewsflash says():Hello and Good Evening Everyone

ABNewsflash says():anyone hear anything about Maliki today

ABNewsflash says():Saudi newspaper: United bet on his consent to the settlement of the trial of al-Maliki

A Saudi newspaper revealed on Saturday that the coalition “united” led by Osama Nujaifi approval of the draft settlement in exchange for the activation of judicial proceedings against the defendants in the fall of Mosul, including Vice President Nuri al-Maliki.

Al-Watan newspaper reported today that “the Jordanian capital Amman witnessed a series of meetings, bringing together the head of the UN Mission in Iraq, Jan Kubic, with Iraqi opposition figures, to call for a discussion of the settlement project proposed by political parties participating in the government, Country post-urging. ”

The newspaper added that “a coalition of” united for reform “, led by Vice President Osama Najafi, the activation of judicial proceedings against the defendants in the case of control” calling “on the city of Mosul in the summer of 2014, to participate in negotiations to discuss the draft settlement.

The newspaper quoted the coalition as saying that “the agreement with partners for the next phase requires a diagnosis of the causes of deterioration of the security situation and its consequences,” explaining that a parliamentary commission of inquiry, attributed the security imbalance to Maliki’s policies.   Editor Website: 2017 – 05 – 06

ABNewsflash says():   http://iraaqi.com/news.php?id=29533&news=1#.WQ5rGoFOmaN

Pablo says):Better keep a watch out to make sure he isn’t trying to flee by camel. 🙂
magnetlady says():Wow ABNews Thanks
Pablo says():I wonder how long it will be before he is arrested?

ABNewsflash says():you are most welcome Magnet
ABNewsflash says():Pablo- we can only watch and see , time will only tell!

magnetlady says():It can’t be soon enough for a lot of people
Pablo says():True, but this is a big move for them to start getting ready to bring him to trial.

magnetlady says():I always felt it would be by the world court not just Iraq

ABNewsflash says():     http://www.alsabaah.iq/missing.aspx

BGG says():Thanks AB
ABNewsflash says():Most welcome BGG. I have some free time figure i would share with you all

ABNewsflash says():I have 1 more i would also like to bring in.

ABNewsflash says():this next one is a long one!

ABNewsflash says():The role of the Federal Supreme Court in asserting the inviolability and superiority of human rights

ABNewsflash says():Dr.. Alaa Ibrahim Al Husseini

ABNewsflash says():   1. The adoption of the law of the court as soon as possible: the fact that the current court is a problem in accordance with Article 44 of the Transitional Administrative Law of 2004 and today, and twelve years after the Iraqi Constitution came into effect, the court’s law has not yet issued a serious threat to the role of the court and to ensure its professionalism And objectivity.

2. The neutrality of the court: The principle of neutrality of the judge and the court is one of the most important elements of independence. It means that the court and its members are excluded from discrimination, bias and interest in favor of one party and away from prejudices based on personal belief and convictions. All are far from being inclined for political, religious or other reasons.

3. Independence: Members of the Court must be devoid of narrow affiliations, especially political and partisan ones, to ensure that they do not deviate from the purposes of judicial action.

4 – Specialization: Work in the Federal Supreme Court needs a specific type of judges and experts who have the technical qualification and experience necessary and personal advantages that qualify them to see the task of ensuring the compatibility of legal work with the Constitution or not it is dealing daily with several lawsuits filed to contest the text of the law or system It is believed that his violation of the Constitution requires extensive familiarity with the legal texts and the understanding of the substantive interpretation of the texts.

5. Professional: that their work is purely technical as there is no authority over the judge or the court other than the law, and issue judgments in a manner that settled professional conscience away from the effects and taking into account the foundations of justice and absolute equality.

6. Immunity immunity: Since the appointment of judges and members of the Court will be through the Chamber of Deputies, the law of the Court must explicitly state that members can not be dismissed because of their professional performance so as not to exploit this gap to put pressure on the court.

The importance of the Federal Supreme Court in Iraq as a guarantee for the rights of citizens and fundamental freedoms, but the provisions of the Federal Court fluctuated between the negation and affirmation in the determination of rights and freedoms and we give the following examples of the application of the following as follows:

ABNewsflash says():  1. The abolition of legal texts that conflict with fundamental rights and freedoms: Parliament is almost daily adopting a set of laws. The parliamentary and popular opposition and civil society or political organizations represented by parties may not be able to prevent legislation. However, the court can stand for this.

The Federal Court, by its decision (6 / Federal / 2016 on 9/8/2016), canceled Article VI of Article 9, which stipulated the university certificate for those who wish to establish a party Grand , In violation of article 14 of the Constitution, which provided for the principle of equality and article 20, which guaranteed the enjoyment of political rights,

Article 39 on the freedom of political parties, and the same provision abolished the second item of Article 22, which made the editor of the newspaper or party magazine Is responsible for what is published in violation of the freedom of opinion and expression contained in Article Thirty-eighth and Article (81) of the Iraqi Penal Code decided to hold the Editor-in-Chief to limit his duties, but if it is proved not to be questioned, Of the Parties Law (80%) of the parties that win the seats of the House of Representatives.

The Court justified this by leading to the concentration of power in the hands of the large parties that have received public support to ensure their survival with the authority of the people’s funds.

We agree with what the Court went to in detail, On the last text to close the mouths and buy the receivables with the funds of the Iraqi citizen

ABNewsflash says():  2. The Court failed to fulfill its constitutional responsibility when it appealed to consider the case numbered (2 / Federal / 2016 on 16/8/2016), which the applicant requested to cancel the following texts:

Article (9 / X) of the Independent Electoral Commission Law No. (11) for the year 2007, which dedicated sectarianism by stipulating the balance between the components of the Iraqi people when forming the Board of Commissioners, and the first amendment to the law of the Commission No. (21) for 2010, Taking into account the balance between the components of the divisions when the staffing of the Commission is established).

Article (9/12) of the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives for the year 2006 published in the Iraqi facts by the number (4032), which stated that the president agrees with his two vice presidents to oversee and control all staff in the Board of the Council and in making decisions concerning appointment and dispatch To achieve the principle of balance and equal opportunities for all Iraqis.

​Article (2 / paragraph 4) of the Rules of Procedure of the Council of Ministers No. (8) of 2014, in which the recommendation to the House of Representatives to approve the appointment of agents of ministries and ambassadors and holders of special grades to achieve national balance.

ABNewsflash says():The ruling of the last judgment is clear to the endless and the divine like the sun in the fourth day. The honorable court forgot that it is a supreme court and that it is entrusted with the rights and liberties of the people and that the quota is the poison because of the problems through which they violated the sanctities and stole the funds and lost public and private interests. ,

And I do not want in this home only to remind the court the text of Article (94) of the Constitution, which decided that the provisions of the Federal Supreme Court is binding and did not address and unfortunately the advice and guidance and the value of constitutional and judicial.

ABNewsflash says():published : 06/05/2017

Okie Dinar says():Thank you AB 🙂
ABNewsflash says():You are welcome Kaleigh, have a Good Night. 🙂

Okie Dinar says():Good night DU 🙂 Sweet RV Dreams