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NWBeauty says):so i have a dinar-related ?? what does anyone recall (IF ANYTHING) that BGG et al have said about possibility of RV 1:1 or thereabouts in the middle of a year …

NWBeauty says():i never believed they could hop back in the game at 3:1

Doug_W says():he said anything like that will be nothing but speculation

Doug_W says():we just don’t know
NWBeauty says():ahhhhhhh
Doug_W says():U asked earlier if I were retiured
NWBeauty says():i thought maybe so

SRW says():Everyone is going nuts over what the revalue of the IQD could be. Why? No one knows and anyone that says they know is mistaken.. Breathe everyone.. This is going to happen.. When? Danged if I know.. Just live life and don’t consume your time reading every Guru post.. It will drive you crazy..

Plan for the future in a common sense approach and let this happen.. When it does then your one step ahead of most readers that wait for their phone to ring..

It won’t, unless from an informed investor that follows the CBI or Exchange markets.. There will be no 1-800 numbers given to Gurus. If they say to call one… Don’t or you will get played… IMO

clay says to SRW):WRONG
clay says to SRW():I have that 800#
clay says to SRW():s39

clay says to SRW():I was promised 3+ 7 years ago or I wouldn’t have invested
Martha Sue says():s37
clay says to SRW():now I just :paura
SRW says to clay()::@ s39

subgirl says to clay()::kiss GA to you… and you were promised???? WHAT?????

clay says to SRW():s39
Okie Dinar says to clay()::D

clay says to subgirl():3+ lol Hi 🙂 :kiss
clay says to Okie Dinar):hey okie :lie
clay says to Martha Sue():life is good bank is not s39

clay says to Martha Sue():is he in LV again
Martha Sue says to clay():my bank needs a transfusion too! s39 but I’m great!

clay says to SRW():hey bud was jokin with ya lol
clay says to SRW):workin
clay says to SRW():bills….will they ever go away s39

Doug_W says():thats more like it Pal
SRW says to clay):Clay, I know.. Gotta be thick skinned on here to survive.. Your good Buddy.. s75

clay says to SRW():(handshake)

subgirl says():Central Bank Governor: no room to cancel the sale of the dollar window, if canceled, the exchange rate has become 3 or 4 thousand, and perhaps more

Economy News / special – He said the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords to stop selling the dollar through selling currencies in the bank window will lead to the collapse of the Iraqi dinar financial situation in Iraq in general, stressing say that the central bank is obliged to do the job, even refrained from performing the role of the collapsed financial situation in Iraq.

Keywords and said in an interview conducted by the envoy of the agency “Economy News” on the sidelines of the annual conference of the Union of Arab Banks held in Beirut recently Waglguena sale Atarlasubh window Sarsrv Atarmabin 3 and 4 thousand dinars, and perhaps more.

He said the governor also Sndpartya case cancellation window printed currency to trillions of Aldnaniralaracah annually to cover the local need for dinars, will lead to Iraq’s infrastructure to Anhiaralamlh because of inflation, known as Oma cash excessive.

On the prospects of floating Aldenarabraghi, similar to other countries in the region, Keywords said that it is Matrouh sealed now, and we are working on editing currency and not float, a large difference between the two

subgirl says():Keywords denied the existence of the currency auction in the central bank, but the sale of foreign currency window, stressing that the central mediator between the Ministry of Finance and the public is not only.

Turning to the experience of Lebanon and Jordan, in the field of maintaining the stability of their currency, pointing out that the situation in Iraq is different

He noted that the solution in Iraq is to reduce the demand for the dollar through the structure of the Iraqi economy is correct, and not through the sizes for the sale of the dollar.

The governor stressed the central bank sought to settle the salaries of employees in private banks, confirming the existence of a trend for the resettlement of all Iraqi employees’ salaries next year 2017 in the banks.

subgirl says():Welcomed the Governor of the Central Bank of any request to host the House of Representatives, stressing the importance of the meeting with the parliament, on the basis of the fact that monetary policy is the issue of specialty can not be addressed from afar, or through skirmishes and analysis is accurate.

This will be Nherns dialogue with the governor in Aladeddakadm magazine Iraqi banks issued by the Iraqi Association of private banks.


SRW says to subgirl():Well, Mr. Keywords. I have a way for you to drop the dollar at the citizens exchage purchase. Raise your danged value of the Dinar and give the country more purchasing power for Your currency.. Somebody needs to find the courage to do this for the Country.. Your people are Mad..

subgirl says to SRW():oh wow… thanks… come on Iraq!!!!
jxxl says():This is repeated OLD news…. nothing new
clay says to SRW():Amen brother

SRW says to jxxl():Yep.. You got a better Plan?:boh 😀
jxxl says():A plan, No But Current news is much better , Would you agree ?

SRW says to jxxl():Yes, But Neutral is not a gear I like.. Fish or Cut Bait Iraq.. :uhm

Elilali says():I tihnk the news is becoming more convaluded. But, still I say Come ON Iraq

Elilali says():*convaluted

Elilali says():it just doesn’t make sense to me that they want to commence all these projects without the green to make the scene. I’ve said that for a while though. It just doesn’t make sense that there will be more conferences upon conferences before it happens. I’d like to believe there’s urgency.

SRW says to Elilali():The Big Boys have one time to get this right.. It’s coming and I think we will be surprised at the Value.. Steady the Bow my friend..
clay says to Elilali():come on

jxxl says():Iraq is very slow in everything they do, Iraqi value will be very Low, They have to compeate with the world, if they want to do bussiness with anyone.

DIGIman1 says to Elilali():only 40% of their country has been explored for oil….and they are already in the top 5….theres so much gold, its blowing around on the surface…..theres no denying their value…others surely see this…

Elilali says():I do too SRW. Just my opinion…. I know Saddam inflated the currency, which is why it was so high. But I can’t help but feel that a higher rate would make sense, because of fractional banking…. their exports…. and I don’t think $1 is enough purchasing power.

It’s a lot, but one would think they’re going to have barrels and barrels of cash solely based on the amount of companies we’ve read about investing. That, and also Iraq’s soon to be projects, including an insanely large and beautiful zoo friendly to international visitors. That, as silly as it sounds, is a huge giveaway to me. Zoos are expensive.

To the tune of tens of millions, if not more. That’s just one random little project. How can they even have that in their sight if there’s not about to be a boom. And the said boom can’t take forever….. it just can’t.

SRW says to jxxl():Bull..
Elilali says():EXACTLY DigiMan

Elilali says):Seconded SRW

clay says to jxxl():I don’t buy low
Elilali says():I don’t either

clay says to Elilali(before he inflated it it was 3.22
jxxl says():I know you dont agree and thats OK, But I we will see someday.

clay says to Elilali():and kuwait now is around 3.8
clay says to Elilali():they share oil fields and ports

subgirl says to jxxl():in your eyes only they are slow… they have done sooo much in the last few years!!! REMEMBER it is Iraq… not the usa and they have to rebuild the whole country!!!

clay says to Elilali):and alot more resources now then back then
Elilali says():right

clay says to jxxl():not soon enough my friend 🙂
Elilali says():tonnsss of resources to offer the world

Elilali says():get on with it Iraq!
clay says to Elilali():(y)

SRW says to jxxl():That’s your problem.. Too fast of a revalue and Iraq could see civil unrest.. More men and women from the U.S. to fight and die.. Is that what you want?

Elilali says():and another thing I’d like on the record. I don’t believe a single thing in the recent news about Mosul. Not a single freakin thing. It’s become so incoherent, and contradictory. Not a single word. I believe very much so that it’s a part of some greater bit of propaganda. But, that’s just my opinion.

I’m just sort of waiting and watching, but at this point I almost don’t think there’s much to discuss anymore. Even in Newstime, I think it’s more for morale. Reinforcement of what we’ve always discussed.

But I can’t trust a single thing in the news anymore. I feel like such an idiot for always buying it.

However, it seems very clear to me that it’s trying to mislead us, successfully. Just like the whole Syrian idiotic situation. What a sham…. there’s so much evidence against it, and the masses just take what they’re told.

clay says to SRW():too fast? been here 7 years s39

Mudder says():LMAO
Elilali says():know what I mean Mudder?

Mudder says():On the record???? I DO…lmao
Clay says to Mudder():LOL
clay says to Mudder():hey

Elilali says():lol Mudder, maybe a poor choice of words. This is a Dinarian community. Not Law and Order.

Mudder says():A little fun never hurts anything…lol
Elilali says():truer words never spoken

jxxl says():I had a dream – But you will wake up. Some day it will be higher But not for at least 2 years after they start .. No need to get nasty, wait and see

Elilali says():Jxxl, who cares?

Elilali says():let’s RV first

SRW says():If the Syrian bombing was a hoax then we will never see the dinar revalue. I on the other hand beliveve the U.S. did the right thing to give Assad a message. The USA will no longer tolerate atrocities of human beings.. That’s propaganda? I don’t think so..

Elilali says():I don’t care about the float vs managed rate… I don’t care about managing my wealth… I don’t care about the banks… I just…. want it…. to RV. All other converastion is trivial. Let’s get to where we need to go, and then we’ll be given the luxury to worry about those things. Come… on… Iraq. Now. NOW.

Elilali says):SRW I encourage you to hop on Youtube, or even just generally google about that incident. There are so many red flags, and pleae let me preface that with…

I am not a conspiracy theorist, under any circumstances. Not my style. You should really look into it, it will shock you. It completely made me rethink everything. Sincerely. No hogwash.

SRW says():Youtube? Oh my God.. s39
Elilali says():I said Youtube or Google!

Elilali says():anyways… I’ll say it one more time…
Elilali says():Come ON Iraq
Dinar Dave says):That’s it… No more now…

Elilali says():and I wasn’t saying the Syrian thing was propaganda… that was just an example of why I don’t trust the news

SRW says():I guess we dropped a MOAB for the Hell of it in Aphganistan then.. Come on.. Stop beleiving conspiracy stories.. We have men and women over in the M.E. giving their lives for this fight for Terrorism as we speak..

Elilali says():I know that SRW…. I’m not being direspectful. All Im saying is that there are a lot of really questionable bullet points on the matter. ​

subgirl says():Parliament is hosting tomorrow the President of the Board of Supreme Audit and discusses the granting of employee long vacation

2017/5/8 14:21 [Where-Baghdad] House of Representatives is hosting at its 32 in the second legislative term of the third year, tomorrow the President of the Office of Financial Supervision will also discuss the employee ‘s long vacation routine grants

According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] today that “the House of Representatives will host at its meeting tomorrow , Chairman of the Audit Court to answer oral questions submitted by MPs Mishan al – Jubouri and Abdul Kahar Samurai

“As parliament it will discuss at its meeting tomorrow , granting the employee a long vacation routine and address the conditions of the law of the contractors

subgirl says):Parliamentary Economy: This is why the industrial reality in Iraq has not progressed
EconomyMonday 8 May 2017 7:00 pm | Number of readings:

Baghdad / .. The Economic Committee of the parliamentary, on Monday, the reason for the lack of progress in the industrial reality in Iraq to the lack of real will, while indicated that the calls of the President of the Republic and the Council of Ministers and Parliament to promote the industrial reality did not come “new”.

The committee member Najeeb Najib, told “Iraq News”, that “all previous moves and calls led by the House of Representatives and the Prime Minister and the Republic was unable to promote the reality of the industrial sector did not come new,” explaining that “the lack of real will prevented progress in this area “He said.

Najib added that “the work to remove the industrial sector from the totalitarian regime that was followed in the former regime, did not move the wheel of progress,” stressing that “the most important is the adoption of new economic policies, which would raise the readiness to work on improving the Iraqi product and make it rise to be Arab at least”.

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, has directed on Sunday, the ministries of the state to work on the return of government factories idle to work with high productivity cards and protect the national product, while called for increasing the allocation of engineering cadres in the productive areas and the issuance of laws to protect them. Finished

subgirl says():Khawla al-Asadi: banks need to keep pace with progress in the banking Altguennaat
Economy News _ Baghdad:Last updated 05/08/2017 – 14:10

Said Director General of the Rafidain Bank Acanutop Khawla al-Asadi, on Monday that the banks need to be oriented towards the development of its work through the introduction of modern banking technologies

Said al-Asadi said in an interview for “Economy News” that working in Iraq, the banks need to keep pace with the development in the banking established in international banks, “noting that” the Central Bank of Iraq the main and real support of the banks for the purpose of using the latest banking technologies

The conference of banking technology which held its work in Baghdad on (6-7) from May this excellent and important timing is very appropriate to inform the banks on the latest technologies

Asadi explained that “our pace is slow because of the routine happening in addition to the challenges that confront us though we will be in compliance with the directives and

subgirl says():instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq regarding the use of banking technologies

subgirl says():Economic parliamentary: All foreign loans went to investment projects
Economy News _ Baghdad:Last updated 08/05/2017 – 14:01

A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment Parliamentary Najiba Najib, on Monday, that all amounts of foreign loans went to investment projects in the country

According to Najib in a press interview he followed the “Economy News” that the 2017 loans covered the shortfall in the state budget all have gone to investment projects indicating that those loans were from the International Monetary America Fund and the World Bank Group, Germany, Japan, Britain and the Islamic Bank and others.

She added that those projects concerned with electricity, health, and the reconstruction of the liberated areas and will repay those amounts of low interest, noting that the money will be spent in place in order to identify disbursement by donors where it is hard to get cases of corruption

subgirl says():Former US prisoner now leading Iraq’s Interior ministry

Just over 10 years ago, Qasim al-Araji was being arrested a second time by American forces in Iraq. The charges were serious: smuggling arms used to attack U.S. troops and involvement in an assassination cell at the height of sectarian violence that engulfed Iraq following the 2003 toppling of Saddam Hussein.

Now, he heads of one of Iraq’s most powerful ministries.

With credentials that include training from Iranian special operators known as the Quds force and time spent as a guerrilla and militia commander, Iraq’s Interior Minister al-Araji is now trumpeting his respect for human rights and support for the U.S.-led coalition in the fight against the Islamic State group. But the forces he now commands have a long history of Shiite domination and abuse, factors that partially contributed to the rise in support for IS in Iraq.

Back in 2007, al-Araji was held by the United States for 23 months. He spent most of his captivity at Bucca prison, including long periods in solitary confinement.

Today, at the head of one of Iraq’s most powerful ministries, al-Araji laughs off questions about lingering hostility toward U.S. forces.

“That’s life,” he said in a recent interview with The Associated Press, his manner boisterous and unpolished as he shuttled between meetings at a small Interior Ministry office inside Baghdad’s highly fortified Green Zone. “I was their prisoner and now I meet with their ambassador.”

Al-Araji’s office confirmed that he met with the U.S. ambassador to Iraq within days of taking office to express his support for the U.S. role in the fight against IS and to request additional support for his ministry and forces.

Following a controversial March 17 strike in Mosul that killed more than 100 civilians, al-Araji took a rare public position for an Iraqi politician: he defended the U.S.-led coalition and the use of airstrikes in Mosul on the floor of Iraq’s parliament.

“My most important goal is to bring security to Iraq,” al-Araji said, “and (to achieve that) Iraq is in need of the friendship of the Americans.”

subgirl says):Under al-Araji, the Interior Ministry has already received more support from the U.S.-led coalition.

In the fight for Mosul, greater coalition air and ground support for Iraq’s federal police — who fall under the command of the Interior Ministry — have allowed them to take a lead role in the city’s west.

The U.S.-led coalition is also training and arming local and border police across Iraq, other forces that now fall under al-Araji’s command.

But Iraq’s police are some of the same forces who were accused of using excessive force, carrying out mass detentions of Sunni males and routinely torturing detainees in the lead-up to the summer of 2014, according to human rights groups and a 2013 State Department report on human rights practices in Iraq. The abuses contributed to Sunni resentment of central government rule and fueled support for IS extremists in Iraq’s Sunni north and west.

Al-Araji, who spent years in exile in Iran, first traveled there as a teenager in the 1980s and was trained by Iranian special forces as a guerrilla fighter to resist Saddam Hussein’s regime. In the Iran-Iraq war, he fought on Iran’s side. Al-Araji describes his years in Iran as a fighter as formative.

subgirl says():After the fall of Baghdad in 2003, al-Araji and thousands of other fighters poured across the border into Iraq.

“We didn’t have any military activities,” he said of his first days back in Iraq, “but we were supporting the overthrow of the regime. The Americans didn’t understand, we were both working for the same end.”

On April 19 that year he was arrested by U.S. forces on suspicion of commanding militia forces, held for 85 days and then released on insufficient evidence. In 2004, following the fall of Saddam, al-Araji said he fully transitioned to politics, running for local office in Baghdad’s Wasit province.

But three years later he was arrested again by U.S. forces. A secret cable from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad on Jan. 19, 2007 published by WikiLeaks stated that U.S. forces “had good information based on multiple sources,” that al-Araji was “involved in smuggling and distribution” of explosives that were being used to target U.S. forces and that he was “also suspected in involvement in an assassination cell.”

After nearly two years, al-Araji was again released on insufficient evidence.

“I believe every difficult stage leaves something inside a human being,” al-Araji said. “Being a prisoner taught me patience, it made me stronger.”
Al-Araji returned to local politics, rose through the ranks of the Badr organization and became a parliamentary bloc leader.

After the fall of Mosul, Badr’s military wing — closely supported by Iran — racked up a string of high profile victories against IS in 2014. In the months that followed, Badr and the group’s leader Hadi al-Amiri rode the wave of those victories for political gain in Baghdad and secured de-facto control of the country’s Interior Ministry.

subgirl says():Badr member Mohammed al-Ghabban was appointed to lead the ministry in October 2014, but was forced to resign in July 2016 amid mounting anger following a massive truck bombing claimed by IS in central Baghdad that killed more than 300 people.

Al-Araji — appointed in January — takes over the ministry at a critical time for the country’s security forces who are under increasing pressure to eliminate the last pockets of IS control, prevent an insurgency from bubbling up in the wake of territorial victories, and repair their reputation in Iraq’s Sunni heartland.

British Ambassador to Iraq Frank Baker told the AP he talks to al-Araji regularly. He described him as an “an Iraqi patriot” who “faces many challenges but is doing a very good job for Iraq and the Iraqi people.”

Looking back at his career, al-Arajii says some things about him have changed.

“With my current position comes great responsibility,” he said, explaining that because of that he considers the choices he makes carefully.
“But as a person, I have not changed, I’m the same.”

larrykn says():it surprises me how some people come in here an launch there stuff so it hits another guru site , sheeeee

Babe says():agree with you larrykn

magnetlady says():Yes, larrykn, thing will never change I am afraid
subgirl says to larrykn():oh no lol wonder who that was ? lol s39

larrykn says():the last time he did it I removed his stuff off chatlog

magnetlady says():Some of it could be spam or a virus So unless I know the person I don’t click on it.
larrykn says():O he comes in here alot Mags

JustNTime says():There has been articles in the past from the CBI stating when the note count gets down to 1 billion notes the dinar will be worth three dollars. Where is the new account now is anyone’s guess

JustNTime says):note count

JustNTime says():also keep in mind the gold coins they came out with they could’ve put a camel on it or a palm tree But no they had to put the 100 dinar on it. I believe they were making a statement on where they want it to be one day

Babe says():good point
jeffusa says to subgirl():well am I rich?
subgirl says to jeffusa():how rich are you? lol

Babe says():I’m rich…not monrtarily…but definitely rich
subgirl says to Babe():(y)