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Q:  […on the10th they are activating the smart cards to deal with tariffs as I understand and was wondering if they did that do you think we might see something then or shortly after?]
BGG:  I have long said – “when you see the tariffs you will see a rate”… if they enact a broad tariff structure WITHOUT a rate (or currency shift of some kind) that would help mitigate the damage to the citizens – I WILL BE STUNNED.
I am about 99.75% on this one.   …obviously – anything is possible. However, their own economist have warned them over and over… (AND the IMF is involved now).

wmawhite   Article:  “Deposit Insurance Law does the economy”   the deposit insurance strengthens the investment law activity and is another sign of them moving to a market driven economy…
They are showing us their preparations.  They are preparing for the move.
CSHessman:  BULLETIN Thursday decline in Dow Jones Industrial Average briefly exceeds 400 points
http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/in … iteid=bnbh
Harvestime:  In the first paragraph it states this card will be used on the 10th for licenses and fees in import and export. (see article below) This may have already been covered and I apologize to you Frank if it has been discussed and I just missed it. Sure seems like something Big!!
Goldenboy:   Get ready family! Second article pointing to the tenth of this month. The other was for the Dong! I pray that is our big day! The markets,
IMO are correcting themselves for the explosive events I predict will hit next week! Maybe Frank will have some golden nuggets to reiterate this!
Direct using the smart card to pay export and import licenses fees
January 5, 2016
Our economy / Baghdad
General Company for Iraqi Fairs announced in the Ministry of Commerce for import licenses to embrace the receipt of fees and export via the smart card (ironing Card) as of the tenth of this month.
The general director of the company Jassim Mohammed al-Amiri said in a statement seen by the agency, “our economy” news “These actions come in the context of Achteral time and red tape and simplify procedures and eliminate friction references to the employee in order to achieve transparency and integrity,”
stressing that “his company and in line with the orientations of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and direct supervision of the Minister of Trade Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese now working to simplify the procedure to grant import licenses to work through the single-window system through an electronic system, which is scheduled pitted after coming months. ”
He called al-Amiri “exporters and importers the obligation to pay fees for vacation across the smart card company after the fact that the direct implementation of this system will not receive any fees otherwise.”
In another context, Ameri stressed that “a delegation headed by him visited Iran on establishment of a joint cooperation shows commercial and industrial projects in both countries and to serve the common interests.”
He stressed that “the visit resulted in a number of meetings to approach the concerned departments and ministries, industrial, commercial and economic sectors to develop joint working mechanism to control the type of materials and goods entering Iraq, pointing out that” the visit was at the invitation made by the administration gallery scene. ”
The statement pointed out that “the delegation extended an invitation to the Iranian side in the presence of Basra International Fair Co-presented by some Iranian products and some artifacts in the threshold Razavi.
http://www.iqtesaduna.com/2016/01/05/%D … %AF%D9%81/
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