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Dinar “Round Table” Call!!
“for Dinar News – HUGE NEWS!!”
Tues 1/19 @ 8:30 pm CST

BGG: (Hint – my comments from a few days ago … we’ll talk about this tonite…) – […on the 10th they are activating the smart cards to deal with tariffs as I understand and was wondering if they did that do you think we might see something then or shortly after?]
I have long said – “when you see the tariffs you will see a rate”
If they enact a broad tariff structure WITHOUT a rate (or currency shift of some kind) that would help mitigate the damage to the citizens – I WILL BE STUNNED.
I am about 99.75% on this one.   …obviously – anything is possible.
However, their own economist have warned them over and over… (AND the IMF is involved now).
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