Dinar Updates

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firefly: Quote: “Ensure that the federal budget law  The issuance of the new issue of the Gazette of Iraq call (4394)”

Yep, it’s in the Gazette…looking at it now…So it appears the budget was published on the 1st but it is just being shown to us now.
Another event that’s been hidden for 3 weeks.

This is not anything new. They show it to us when they want to.
wmawhite   …the IMF has told the world how Iraq (CBI/GOI) is…not may…but is moving towards Article 8 compliance and that they (the IMF) expects Iraq to enter the market during the 1st half of 2016.
Q: [so we have till june?]
We may have only until next week, or next two weeks, or until March or May. However, I go with the expectations of the IMF.
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