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Dinar Updates Sunday Member Chat – Excerpts & Highlights
plowboy says to Savannah    I went to bed early last night, so I’m rested and ready to RV
Savannah says to plowboy():   excellent
Savannah says to plowboy():   did you bring it with you? lol

plowboy says to Savannah():   actually, I think I’d be ready to RV even if I were sleep deprived
Savannah says to plowboy():   oh for sure! Me too lol
Savannah says to plowboy():   I would be wide awake at that point…. 😀
plowboy says to Savannah():   there are no millions of text messages on my phone nor are there a butt load of emails and the board is not burning up, so no
Savannah says to plowboy():   darn… sigh
Savannah says to plowboy():   some day…. 😀
plowboy says to Savannah():   soon
Savannah says to plowboy():   hoping and praying 🙂
plowboy says to Savannah():   I’m thinking soon, we may have to wait till June (first half of 2016), but imo the world needs it so bad why wait?
Savannah says to plowboy():   I’ve been wondering “why wait” for years now lol
designbyg says():   The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the unanimous view of all parts of my mind.
plowboy says to designbyg():   hi digi, nice disclaimer
Savannah says to designbyg():   is that kinda like all the voices in my head? lol
designbyg says to plowboy():   gm plow
designbyg says to Savannah():   kinda like that yes 🙂 it helps them to agree with you 🙂
Savannah says to designbyg():   ok lol
designbyg says to Savannah():   i must have more voices than normal this morning..they all want coffee.. lol
Savannah says to designbyg():   well do it!!!!! lol
cjquade54 says to Hutch():   sure looks like they’re trying to get things done
Hutch says to cjquade54():   Theyre making progress, much more than the news is telling us. This year has so much more accomplished than any other time in history. IMF, Banking ….
buck says():what do you make out of warka bank…if they are ready for international currency exchange then the new rate should be about ready as well dont you think???
Pablo says():   That’s what I’m wondering, expecially if they and Iran are hooking into SWIFT today.
clay says to Pablo():   heard Iran was not Iraq did I miss something
Pablo says(2):   Iraq isn’t hooking into SWIFT yet?
cjquade54 says():   Iraq’s been hooked up for awhile already
mudder says to Pablo():   Both have their codes…. The question is are they active??
clay says to Pablo():   not that Ive read
clay says to mudder():   got ya thanks thats what I meant
clay says to cjquade54():   but what will they do with it
cjquade54 says():   wait
clay says to cjquade54():   lol yes more waiting
kevin311312 says():   Also on Sunday, the UN Security Council removed the Iranian bank Sepah and its global subsidiary from the UN sanctions blacklist. Ted Cruz of Texas said on Fox News Sunday. The nation took several steps to curtail its nuclear program – which it insists are for peaceful purposes only – and will submit to monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency for up to 15 years.
kevin311312 says():   http://farandulife.com/2016/01/u-s-i…ssile-testing/
kevin311312 says to clay():   Iran rising  BY Spearhead Research
And potential benefits for Pakistan
Post sanctions Iran is on the move. It has sparked investor interest and is being keenly watched by the corporate and business world
kevin311312 says to clay():   http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2016…t/iran-rising/
JETSET says():    Warka bank is making a come back… Timing is intriguing! Thanks to MadScout for the article…
DHOLLA says():   http://rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/310120161
buck says to JETSET():   that mentions international currency echange…doesn’t a value have to change for that to happen???
buck says to DHOLLA():   death sentences, not amnesty lol interesting article
subgirl says to DHOLLA():   Iraq
Iraqi president signs execution orders for convicted terrorists
subgirl says to DHOLLA():   ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi President Fouad Massoum on Sunday execution orders for offenders convicted of terrorist offenses, his spokesman announced.
Khalid Shwani, the official spokesman of Iraqi president, explained that this was the third batch of executions that Massoum had signed for terrorist offenses, but did not disclose how many were endorsed.
subgirl says to DHOLLA():   “Fouad Massoum, President of Iraq, signed the third waves of capital punishment,” Shwani said.
He added that the orders are for “all offenders who have been convicted of terror-related offenses.”
Shwani said that signing the orders mean that the death sentences imposed on the offenders now moves into the implementation stage.
He assured the Iraqi nation that the decisions came after a special committee had investigated the cases.
Last year, Shwani told Rudaw that from 2006 to 2015, Iraqi courts issued execution orders for 667 individuals, of whom 170 were convicted of terror-related offenses.
subgirl says to DHOLLA():   Hutch brot in yesterday an article about Sistani and how he is having a fatwa… and now look at what is happening… death sentences …not sure if that is related or not but just interesting timing wise… 🙂 thanks DHOLLa and HUTCH!! 🙂
Caravaggio says():   The fatwa is for political corruption.
subgirl says to Caravaggio:   ok well I was thinking about the terrorists and how quickly they are working on getting Iraq free from corruption… but maybe not in the political sense… so it probably was not related just thot about the timing of it all… 🙂
angus says():   you know the saying keep your friends close but your enemies closer….. Maybe that is why they have kept M where he is at….. Just maybe his name is on that list….
subgirl says to angus():   yep I imagine so. cuz he is a very corrupt man…
subgirl says to Caravaggio():   that was a great article that hutch brot in yesterday about the Sistani!!!
mudder says():   Hope Alak’s name is on that list too… Very soon we will know…lol
subgirl says to mudder():   I think so too! He is another one that should be on that list!
mudder says to subgirl():   (y)
buck says():   well maybe but right now he is in charge of our rv…..
buck says():   i can not imagine what else could delay it we are right at the door.
subgirl says to buck():   Guess time will tell!!! 🙂
buck says():   warka is approved to do international currency exchange….new website…..iran and swift codes…..all good news
subgirl says to buck():   yyyaaayy!! 🙂 thanks for the info!!!
scarby says():   whaat do the swift codes actual mean?
subgirl says to buck():   isn’t it for wire transfer from bank to bank?
buck says():   swift is
subgirl says to buck():   Iran and Iraq are both trading partners… right buck?
Hutch says to buck():   Where does it say International currency exchange about warka?
subgirl says to Hutch():   hey you made it lol
buck says():   read it in the article about warka
Hutch says to buck():   The one Jet just brought in?
buck says():   He added that the bank “Warka Bank will be allowed to exercise all banking activities, including entering the sale and purchase of foreign currency window, similar to other banks operating in Iraq to improve its resources and service the Iraqi economy.”
Read More :http://www.dinarupdates.com/showthre…ercise-banking
Hutch says to buck():   Correct…. Exchanging dollars for dinar and vs versa. The same as the other banks. That doesnt mean that they’re going international.
buck says():   well i read the foreign currency….
buck says():   did not say it was limited to only one kind lol
Hutch says to buck():   Its saying that Warka will be able to conduct business the same as other banks there. Where they had not been allowed to.
kevin311312 says():   is the news doctor coming in tonight
buck says():   well i get ya…. but it has to be but a step away if they can buy and sell foriegn curency…thanks…
Hutch says to buck():   I think that we a very close
buck says():   thanks, i guess i just worded it to optimistically lol
bigrudy says():   Any call today?
Hutch says to buck():   Optimistic is a good thing ! :
Holly1 says():   Cover the 2016 budget deficit by reducing the Iraqi dinar exchange rate: the consequences and effects
Hussein Atwan *:  the fall in world oil prices, a lot of Iraqis economists led to the search for funding sources to cover the 2016 budget deficit, as it spins much debate between two teams of Iraqi economists calls for one of them to reduction in the retail dinar exchange Ministry of Finance’s price in order to increase
Holly1 says():   dinar her revenue, which covers a certain percentage of the 2016 budget deficit, while the second team goes to the reservation to reduce the dinar exchange rate at the present time is not for the sanctity of the stability of the dinar exchange rate, but because while creating the objective conditions for it.
Holly1 says():   Require scientific discussion to the question of reducing the Iraqi dinar exchange rate (retail Ministry of Finance to buy the dollar versus them) a proposal to cover the deficit in the public budget for the year 2016, or part of it to clarify some of the relevant issues and is as follows:
Holly1 says():   When the price of oil reached in 2015, on average approximately ($ 50) a barrel, the Ministry of Finance sales reached from the dollar to the Central Bank of Iraq (32.45 billion dollars) and the price (1,166 dinars per dollar) and became the price at the beginning of 2016 (1,180 dinars per dollar ),
so it is expected the Ministry of Finance of the sales decline in the dollar to the Iraqi Central Bank during the year 2016 to (25-30 billion dollars) at the very least.
Holly1 says():   The total revenue in the budget of 2016 (84.07 trillion dinars), of which oil revenues are calculated based on the price of a barrel of oil ($ 45) and the volume of export production (3.6 m b j), while expenditure was estimated at (113.5 trillion dinars) and Gr estimated (29.43 trillion dinars).
3. The price of oil at the moment is between ($ 20-25), which was declining.
Holly1 says():   If the oil price continues as it is during the 2016 deficit will be established (the extra deficit) is added to the estimated deficit (planned deficit) resulting from the difference between the price of the world’s oil, first: the current price, which ranges between (20-25),
second: Price, who built it in 2016 budget ($ 45 per barrel), which means that the difference between the two rates of between ($ 20-25), and an estimated deficit of about overtime (20-26 billion dollars) (multiplied by the difference between the price of oil output above 3.6 m in size by me in the number of days of the year).
Holly1 says():   After these points with the relationship, which is the basis for the discussion of the proposed reduction in the Iraqi dinar exchange rate to cover the deficit in the budget of 2016, can be illustrated by the cases of coverage planned Aladzen (and / or) extra.
The first case: to bridge the planned budget deficit in 2016 by the Central Bank of Iraq by reducing the dinar exchange rate, and in case attainment of the Ministry of Finance sales of the dollar ($ 30 billion) during the year
Holly1 says():   (based on point 1 above), the exchange rate, which should the Iraqi Central Bank to buy its dollar from the Ministry of Finance is the (2160 dinars / dollars), a difference of the price of the (1,180 current) by (980 dinars) and in turn sells the central bank to banks at a price (2.170 dinars / USD) ‘
and becomes the dollar in the market price approximately (2,200 dinars / USD) as well as the expectations that raise the price to more than that, and this is reflected directly on the prices of goods and services that mostly imported and thus ignite the fuse of inflation and is difficult to control the inflation of the first wave is followed by other waves. This is going on all subsequent scenarios.
Holly1 says():   The price should the Iraqi Central to buy its dollar from the Ministry of Finance which ensures dam planned deficit in the event of financial sales amounted to a central $ 25 billion is (2,355 dinars per dollar) a difference of the price of the (1180) by (1,175 dinars)
and in turn sell Central Bank to banks at a price (2.365 dinars / USD) and becomes the dollar in the market price by approximately (2,390 dinars / USD) or more.
Holly1 says():   Second case: bridge caused by the price of oil – teams extra deficit as previously described – (point 4 above) only, which is estimated at about (31-38.5 trillion dinars) (about the dinar at a price of 1,180 dinars / USD exchange rate), and assuming that The original deficit (planned) has put his sources of funding in the budget of 2016,
should the CBI that the dollar buys from the Ministry of Finance at the exchange rate of between (2,213 – 2,472 dinars / dollars) in the event that the Ministry of Finance sales of the dollar to the Iraqi central convergence ( $ 30 billion), while in the event that the Ministry of Finance of the dollar sales to the Iraqi central
Holly1 says():   convergence ($ 25 billion), the CBI should buy the dollar from the Ministry of Finance at the exchange rate of between (2,420- 2,730 dinars / USD).
In an attempt to put up two scenarios to reduce the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar to fill part of the arising from the current price of oil and the price difference extra budget deficits are offering the following:
In the case where the Ministry of Finance sales are 30 billion dollars and buys the Central Bank of the dollar from the Ministry of Finance at a price (1,300 dinars per dollar), it covers approximately (3.6 trillion dinars) of extra deficit, which ranges between (31-38.5 trillion dinars) a rate ranging
Holly1 says():   between (9-12% of the extra deficit) and not (9) trillion as Chancellor Dr. Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge thought (in his statement published in the network of Iraqi economists, citing the agency all of Iraq (Wayne) 01.23.2016), because the provision of this amount ( 9 trillion) requires the Ministry of Finance of the dollar volume of sales of the Iraqi Central Bank by ($ 75 billion)] is calculated by dividing 9 trillion / 1.300 to 1.180 and the difference between deep (120 dinars).
And this is not possible as the highest volume of sales and the Ministry of Finance was in the year (2013) amounted to ($ 62 billion), which did not reach the threshold ($ 75 billion) and this is not expected to occur in 2016 which is about the price of a barrel of oil the ($ 25 ) compared to (2013), where the average price of a barrel of oil approximately about ($ 100) or more.
Holly1 says():   In light of the volume of sales by the Ministry of Finance ($ 25 billion) and the central bank to buy dollars at the (1300), it covers approximately (3 trillion of additional deficit) Any rate ranging between (8-10%) approx.
In the case where the Ministry of Finance sales are 30 billion dollars and buys the Central Bank of the dollar from the Ministry of Finance at the exchange rate (1,500 dinars per dollar), it covers approximately (9.6 trillion
Holly1 says():   dinars) of extra deficit, which ranges between (31-38.5 trillion dinars), an increase of ranging between (25-31% of the extra deficit). In light of the sales volume by the Ministry of Finance ($ 25 billion) and the purchase of the Central Bank of dollars at the (1500), it covers approximately (8 trillion of extra deficit) Any rate ranging (21-26%) approx.
In the midst of the above, the reduction Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar does not accelerate the process of depletion of foreign currency
Holly1 says():   reserves because it does not create additional expenditure is reflected in additional demand for foreign currency the central bank should be covered for the stability of the exchange leading to price stability price. In spite of the reduction of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate will cover a very small proportion of the public budget deficit has this coverage be closer to the illusion of them to the truth,
but that the reduction in the exchange rate will be reflected directly in the general price level rise, because the degree of transmission of the effects of price exchange to the general level of
Holly1 says():   prices increase the more flexible domestic demand for foreign goods and service and low elasticity of foreign supply is high, as well as higher share of goods and services in the main consumer basket (expressed by Pal CPI), meaning that the economic opening-up of Iraq and a large measured last through rate import quota to the total activity or to the total of goods consumed a high degree in the Iraqi economy, no doubt.
Holly1 says():   And double the rise in the price level when entering the expectations Expectations into stimulus inflationary phenomenon and difficult to combat inflation Anti-Inflation with ignition fuse inflationary process and overlapping causes him to continue, especially since the Iraqi economy,
a net importer of goods and services in light of the complete absence of local production, dumping witnessed internal markets due to the absence of
ljenterprises says():   “this coverage be closer to the illusion of them to the truth” (y)
Holly1 says():   customs tariff Allajmh or ballasts that limit the import and stimulate production, even a few percent. Thus, the Aldkhalih the Iraqi economy and the strength of the economic structure significantly hindered the ability to cope with inflation.
The most affected and those affected by the general price level rise are the owners of fixed income, who are the largest in the segment of Iraqi society.
THE BLOG – Dinar Daily NEWS Blog – http://www.dinarupdates.com/blog/
Holly1 says():   All of the above does not mean the sanctity of maintaining the stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, but he urgently needed at least until the creation of conditions necessary for the purpose of the reduction and procedures, the most important (tariff Kmarkip oppressive for some imports – is Aldharorah-, effective tax policy, a framework to control public spending policy Finance responds to circumstance Iraq Financial: Otherwise what it
Holly1 says():   means to implement the 2014 budget without approval and legislation, and the balance in 2015 relative reduction of spending at least a real decline in revenue? reducing foreign currency reserves of almost $ 78 billion at the end 2013 to nearly $ 54 billion the end of 2015).
The stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate policy is total stability policy across variables and trading exchange in the market which is not a monetary policy
Holly1 says(5:44 PM):    contractionary contradiction policy or project (6) trillion posed by the Iraqi Central Bank, as described by Dr. Anbuge (in his statement published in the network of Iraqi economists, citing Agency for all of Iraq (where)). It is true that monetary policy is always measured in the final Bmahsaltha.
Holly1 says():   Economic Researcher – The Central Bank of ethnic
Copyright network of Iraqi economists. Permission to quote and re-deployment, provided reference to the source. 01/31/2016
Savannah says to Holly1():   are they sending subliminal messages in their news? 8)
Savannah says to Holly1():   lol
Holly1 says():   Ibrahim Basim  My question to economists … Why Daaaaaaima is the proposal to amend the fiscal policies without modifying the economic policies that are the main cause and the president of the country …
the problems of manipulation of exchange rates, according to the scenarios discussed above are applicable if the economy presentationVisor good condition of the Iraqi economy and the status of the college unloading cash and heads the money in a state of fear and escape sometimes …
Thanks for the researcher and I hope that pose substantial solutions regarding the economic policies of the country

Holly1 says():   Naahed Al Gadban   Economic policies, political, however, a non-economic are not allowed to change any economic policy reasons Lama is rejecting any change to the routine and the status quo in all its horror, or he wants but can not the fact of Aousoloh rule beneficiaries nor can their competition people inadvertently
Finally, any economic policy not be an Iraqi lien will be US pressure from the World Bank and the embassy because Alracaan do not move toward any project, but the external force, whether economically or politically
Holly1 says TY…  Economists Iraqis At Baghadad. Your Friend Holly! 🙂
crank7 says(5:47 PM):   Holly !! (lol) Great article……..
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