Dr. Clarke

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Friends, You have some time….the VND just went to a float rate vs. fixed, after YEARS at a fixed rate.
Why? Why right now? Why was this event even announced? Where is VN geographically located?
What’s happening next October for China?
What’s happening in the U.S. next November?

Why did Iraq submit their 2016 Budget, in 2015 – early for the first time in years?
Why RIGHT NOW, are stock markets worldwide LOST?
Why has the U.S. NOW decided to enact law to make it legal, to export Crude Oil for the first time, since 1975? (40 yrs.)….and the U.S. is now, as of June 2015, the world’s largest producer of oil and gas worldwide….Yes, ahead of Saudi and Russia.
We’re 11 days into January already. Already.
Stand back further and look at the puzzle pieces….it’s all there.
Keep it Simple.
Ignore ALL negativity, and conspiracy theories and those who want something from you.
Follow your own Gut – it’s Right, more times than it’s wrong.
MARCH is just 8 weeks away……a lot happens in 8 weeks.
Especially the 1st WEEK of March.
Dr. Clarke