Dr. Clarke

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Dr. Clarke…….you asked for more.
Friends, what they’re Waiting On, is for MOSUL to be secure……. AND OIL to move upward out of the 30’s. These (2) things simultaneously…..That’s All there is.
MOSUL must be taken and secure, before a FULL In-Country rate is released……and then a FULL INTERNATIONAL RATE, is announced.
Notice, the importance of the word: FULL.

I know nobody wants to hear this, but it’s going to take a few weeks……for these pieces and SECURITY to come together, and an INTERNATIONAL RATE announced – which is all anyone outside Iraq, cares about…….
Like we said…….1st WEEK OF MARCH.
We’re NOT being negative, or trying to mislead any of you – for there’s NOTHING in this for us here. We’re trying to help you out, so keep your currency, be calm, relax and watch it come to pass.
It’s a Win-Win for everyone.All of this, of course is: IMO
I Intend the Best for All,
Dr. Clarke