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More, per your requests…..
Right on point Mountain Goat! That’s why we’ve been saying with 100% complete confidence: 1st WEEK OF MARCH. MARCH MARCH MARCH…..
MOSUL must fall and be SECURED. OIL prices will rise out of 30’s….then you’ll see a FULL IN-COUNTRY RI increased…….then 2 weeks later, a FULL RV- INTERNATIONAL RATE increased.
It will not take much longer for Mosul to be secured, contrary to their reports of 6 months or a year. Those time frames are a Diversion.

Make no mistake – We’re weeks away……
Why is Mosul so important? IT’S MANDATORY prior to RI/RV, regardless of ANY OTHER FACTORS.
The whole drop in oil prices in the first place, was to squeeze the bad guy’s FINANCES, while military did their thing, as well, destroying and recovering currency & assets.
This was agreed upon by all major countries to let oil drop REALLY LOW, and everyone take that hit (including U.S., Russia, Middle East, China) just for awhile…..to stop you know who……until, they had things in balance enough to make sure, when they RV’d some currencies to pay back everyone – THEY WOULDN’T FINANCE MORE BAD GUY INTERESTS.
Read this all Very Carefully and slowly.
MOSUL, is the LAST straw – stronghold, heartbeat, currency holder, Power of the bad guys…..and it’s geographic location on the Tigris River……and the coalition just cannot afford to drastically increase the value of the currency with an RI in Iraq, and risk funding BILLIONS of dollars to the cause of the bad guys, thus furthering their ranks and assets – through an RI/RV.
This is why OIL continues to drop (for now – Squeezing bad guy interests & cash flow tremendously) – and giving forces more time to recover more bad guy assets, especially in Mosul – the last really big stronghold in Iraq. As soon as it looks like Mosul is Secure, OIL WILL START RISING out of the 30’s into the 40’s…..RI/RV time.
Until Mosul is Secure, no matter how many Laws and ALL OTHER THINGS ARE IN PLACE – They WILL NOT RI/RV in Iraq, because the risk is too large, concerning Worldwide interests.
They are a few weeks away from Mosul becoming secure, and while this is taking place – ALL THESE LAWS MG IS TALKING ABOUT, WILL HAVE BEEN DONE – COMPLETED……AND, Oil will have started back upward out of the 30’s…..
FYI, the ships in the ocean ports is NOT about the RV. NOT. It may appear to be a link, but it’s all more about Iran than anything….and Iran is not linked to this RV timing for Iraq, even though many think it is. It’s NOT.
Iran cut a deal, not primarily on nuclear as advertised, (although it nuclear was a front), but AGREED to STOP supporting the bad guys, in exchange for sanctions released, with Nuclear being the front – THAT’S THE REAL STORY ON IRAN…..the one you won’t read in the papers.
Also, Worldwide Stock & Currency Markets WILL NOT, repeat WILL NOT, give you an indication as to WHEN the RV of currencies is going to happen. NOT. All this is just a Diversion…….
Yes, Iran will RV, but it’s going to be awhile on that one. And yes, it MAY be around the time of Iraq…..makes sense doesn’t it?
Well, there’s another plan in place that’s Better……and includes 7 currencies.
Now, please remember and earmark this POST, for the days ahead, and over the next 3-4 weeks from now, when there’s been NO RV YET….
So…go back and re-read this information in a couple weeks, when there’s STILL no call to go to the bank & exchange – YET…….and Remember:
There. I AM giving you a DATE…….or rather a WEEK.
Plan accordingly. Keep your currency or add to it.
We just KNOW things……
I Intend the Best for All,
Dr. Clarke