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Lots of questions right now, from lots of people…….here are some ANSWERS.
Everything is progressing nicely and right On Schedule, as we’ve been saying. We have a few Weeks left….
Friends, there is MORE GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES, than you’ll read ANYWHERE publicly or even on this great Dinar Recaps site. It’s All Positive, but the Steps MUST take place in order, as we keep indicating to you.
What are the “Steps”? We’ll keep giving you the same foundational answers, as we’ve indicated over the past 3 weeks…..you can see it unfolding.

MOSUL is the #1 Priority. (See Reuters article below)
LAWS approved in Iraq will be announced shortly, with a target date by around Feb. 8th.
OIL being positioned to increase significantly throughout Feb., thus increasing revenues.
BANKING in Iraq solidifying throughout Feb. For Example, you can see things like 18% interest and Ebanking now announced within the country AND the new CBI website configurations.
(Friends, they’re doing everything they can physically do, as quickly as they can, to improve this monetary situation short of a substantial increase in the Dinar rate, while this Mosul strategy, reaches the Security Level needed.)
You’re going to hear of a HUGE Positive announcement coming out of Iraq, by this weekend – NO it’s not the RV in Iraq – YET.
ON A RELATED NOTE: We’re going to throw something in here, that YOU HAVEN’T HEARD YET – and just about Everyone will disagree with this…..but listen up:
There’s a VERY STRONG POSSIBILITY that the VN DONG rate will be significantly increased over the next 8 Days – by Feb. 9th, somewhere toward the .50 range……
Our recommendation would be to NOT go exchange right away on this, but wait a week or two or perhaps more, as the rate runs up, heading into March.
I know – we’re going out on a limb here…..and it may not happen – but, there’s a Plan……Yes, this would happen BEFORE Iraq releases their International Rate. Yes, everyone thinks Iraq must go first or it all goes at the same time – and that’s ALL you’ve ever heard, as perhaps part of an overall GCR.
But remember – VN stands on their own, and now they are set up to do this, with a new Rate Float in place, and new Government Leadership in place, over the past 2 weeks – AND their economy is strong, and has been growing for quite awhile now.
Do your homework. Watch the rate. VN’s Dong is exchangeable Right Now at Banks, so there’s really no big RV, like what needs to happen in Iraq. For VN, it’s just a matter of instantly increasing their rate of exchange, even progressively – quickly, now that they’re on a float.
I know, many will discount and try to apply all kinds of “logic” to this, as to why this cannot happen – Yes, I know, everyone wants to talk about possible double-dipping, percentage increase limitations, contract rates, other things, etc. etc.….but all this is part of a Plan, for policy can change and action can take place literally overnight, if they want to.
These things are NOT a concern. It’s all been worked out…. but listen up and remember what we’re saying here. Again, this is a VERY STRONG POSSIBILITY.
There are several surprises ahead…..just like the surprises you just found out about – like the 18% interest & the Ebanking announcements – and even all these new surprising happenings and expansion with Iran…there are more POSITIVE Global Surprises coming soon, all part of the PLAN.
(Note: We’re NOT a fan of the Rial, no matter what it looks like – and by the way, we’ve never given an RV date for it either, other than it possibly being included in March, for some type of increased rate adjustment…..but a VERY slim possibility
There’s a whole different agenda going on there. I’m sure someday, money will be made on their currency, and it may not significantly increase until next year or later. Not one of our favorites. We like the Yuan & the Ruble much better, especially as Long-Term Investment, over the next 3 years)
1st WEEK OF MARCH, is the Target Week, to release the FULL IN-COUNTRY DINAR RATE INCREASE IN IRAQ…..with the FULL INTERNATIONAL RATE released shortly thereafter, within the 3rd WEEK OF MARCH, as we’ve said.
Foreign Exchanges, like the U.S. will start for GROUPS & INDIVIDUALS by the 1st WEEK OF APRIL, at the latest.
I know, there are tons of skeptics on this, but we’re just telling you what we know….barring any Major Catastrophe’s during this time period – which is Always a possibility, in the world we live in.
Read this article. From Reuters Monday 2/1:
The United States is willing to deploy Apache attack helicopters and advisers to help Iraq retake the city of Mosul from Islamic State as it considers options to speed up the campaign against the militant group, a top U.S. general said on Monday.
U.S. officials, including President Barack Obama, have said they want to accelerate the campaign against Islamic State militants, and have called on allies to increase their military contributions to efforts to destroy the group in Iraq and Syria.
U.S. Army Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland, the head of the U.S.- led coalition battling Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, said he is looking to retake Mosul as quickly as possible, but did not say whether he agreed with Iraqi estimates that it could be wrested from Islamic State control by the end of this year.
“I don’t want to put a date out there,” MacFarland said. “I would like to get this wrapped up as fast as I possibly can.”

Friends, we have a few more WEEKS left, but not many.
IRAQ needs the money badly, as you and everyone else worldwide, can clearly see – and they’ve taken the biggest hit of anyone globally, on this entire process. But, not so badly, as to put the rest of the WORLD at serious risk, by funding prematurely –
And the 3 letter agencies have made sure of this “Security Delay”, full knowing that they will support Iraq back to stability and prosperity – however, the TIMING must be at a certain Secure Safety Level, and not before.
I know, you just want to be in the Bank exchanging as soon as possible and at a great rate, and that’s coming – THEN, you’ll have lots of REAL options, but not before. Remember, WORLD Security Levels come FIRST.
I could go into so many details on so many subjects, but we choose NOT to, because what we choose to send you, are the things that are MOST important, and Immediate.
I read your questions, and every one of them has value for everyone reading – even those that appear Negative. I Appreciate your comments – I just don’t have the time to answer them all.
We do this for Fun, not out of necessity. Your answers will be revealed, right on schedule, and to your Benefit – for the Universal forces that be, will make sure of it.
KEEP IT SIMPLE. Sit back, Relax, Keep your currency, TRUST and IGNORE what HAS NOT WORKED over and over up to this point, and Focus on what IS working, and what’s AHEAD – All the great, positive Possibilities.
There are lots and lots of subjects that you could give your attention to right now, but we’d ignore most of them, because most of them create more DOUBT in your mind, which is what you DON’T need.
You have to read between the lines on most of this stuff. Conspiracy Theories about this world, Illusions & Fear-based thinking, abound everywhere. For instance, how many “End-of-the-World” dates, have been given, over & over the past 1,000 years?…..and yet still, here we are.
They don’t want to talk about how many times, they were completely wrong over & over, and that it “didn’t happen” – but they DO want to continue scaring people about the next supposed doomsday coming….in Fear….We all have such short memories…..and where are all these folks today? The choice has, and always will be, FEAR or LOVE?
MAKE NO MISTAKE – The Steps MUST be carried out in order – as you can clearly see up to this point….Otherwise, we would not even be having this conversation today.
I Intend the Best for ALL,
Dr. Clarke