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BSE signs an agreement with NASDAQ USA

NASDAQ and the Iraq Stock Exchange (BSE) have signed a new agreement to expand technology cooperation for the next five years, beginning in October 2019. NASDAQ continues to license and support the maintenance of systems and upgrades of trading technology and deposit securities for the next five years..

The use of NASDEC technology is a positive sign for local and international investors and regulators, and Iraq will strengthen its efforts to become an important financial center for securities trading,” said Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, executive director of the stock market.

With the next development and the use of the latest NASDAQ technology, the Iraq Stock Exchange will join the stock market community in the Middle East in deploying high quality multi-asset trading technology in line with international standards,” said Michel Carlson, Managing Director, NASDAQ Middle East. , And we look forward to supporting the Iraqi stock market x as it continues to develop and innovate. “

NASDEC provides transparency and insight into the current global capital markets, as the world’s first stock exchange, and operates more than 100 securities markets in 50 countries, and one in every 10 securities transactions in the world , NASDAQ is home to nearly 4,000 total listings with market value of about $ 15 trillion. “

The functions of the Iraqi market for securities lead the task of regulation and control and launch continuous trading on the shares of listed companies, in addition to monitoring both the trading and solvency activities of brokerage companies and disclosure of joint-stock companies. Source