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The relationship scores a + B rating

Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali al-Alaq, in the classification of the magazine Global Finance, to the rank of Bafter it was last year in the rank B came as a result of controlling inflation and anti-money laundering and terrorism financing and currency stability and interest rate management and monetary policy management wisely.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Alaq, won on June 28, 2018, as the best governor in the Arab world by the Union of Arab Banks during a ceremony held in Parisafter the achievements made at the local and international level in several areas, most notably the maintenance of Exchange and close the gap between the official price and the market price as well as the significant development in the payment system and electronic payment systems..

Global Finance, which ranked Bwith 13 portfolios from several countries including Norway and Singapore, outpaced the governors of several countries including China, India and Japan..

Central bankers are facing great pressure to maintain their independence as a result of political instability in the world,” said Joseph Giarabuto, managing editor of Global Finance..

He said conservatives, who had a good rating, had led their countries in difficult times and had shown stable leadership..

Al-Allaq was elected Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Arab Monetary Fund for the current session, and will be its chairman in the next session.