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Article:  “Economist: 50 Thousand category did not affect the “inflated” prices in local markets
The simple fact is that there is no way to introduce the 50k note other than as an even exchange.  After all, the CBI isn’t in the business of just giving out money.
Therefore, smaller notes (or dollars) would have to be given in exchange for the 50 k note.
For this reason, then, the total money supply does not change, which means that it cannot be inflationary.

Having said that, however, Saleh is on record that some of the smaller notes will actually be destroyed as they are exchanged for the 50k notes.
The result of that destruction is a reduction in total money supply which would therefore raise the value of the dinar.
In other words, this process would actually be deflationary rather than inflationary (one would get more for his dinar rather than less in the market due to the reduction in money supply).
This is a good sign.
The plan is beginning to fall together.