I don’t think we can underestimate the role of the IMF in all of this. They stated two years ago they were going to become the trustee of the Central Bank of Iraq. When you’re the trustee this means you have the purse strings in your pocket and you can pull any sting you want at any time you want and it’s not by any coincidence whatsoever this currency shortly thereafter came into stabilization and they got within 2% between the fixed rate and the market rate…Allaq couldn’t do it so the IMF finally took over as the trustee of the CBI…They have it under control for 16 months…Why in the world would an International organization like the IMF want to stick their nose in Iraq’s business so deeply?

I think the answer is clear. They want to make Iraq one of the most powerful currencies in the world. They want to make it a world reserve currency. They announced that some time ago.  8 years ago.  IMF has agreed it’s a good idea because of their location. 1. They are in the Middle East  2. The world needs another world reserve currency with the dollar being so overextended…they need this and we can’t overestimate the power and importance of the IMF becoming this trustee…they want this thing to happen. They are proving it by making this currency flat to close to its own market rate for 16 months now and announcing they’re ready for international trade. It’s really really tightened up.