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Russia, China, Iran Creating New Global Paradigm
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The political situation in the world is changing dramatically thanks to increasingly close collaborations of Russia, China and Iran.
According to Gould and other experts, the convergence of these countries may signify the emergence of a new global paradigm in terms of the likely scale of the crisis in the West.

“What happened this weekend with the signing of the 17 trade agreements (between Iran and China. — RT) to the amount of $600 billion, is very important. It is more important than some believe. As I said, they now need help because the economy has grown too quickly,” she said.
Gould noted that the markets in the UK and USA did not bring enough revenue to China, because these countries have been faced with many challenges.
“There is a possibility of another bankruptcy of a number of Western banks or a new collapse, as in 2008. So I think that the strategic alliance between Iran, China and Russia through trade, not military might, now is a very important fact”, said the independent journalist.
In her opinion, this association will develop and will create a favorable situation in trade for all three countries, including for Iran, which has for many decades suffered from Western sanctions.
“If it is possible to recover the trade through any possible areas — agriculture, technology or production — it opens the way for the conclusion of new alliances. This is a very important period,” concluded Gould.
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