Frank 26

There are banks in the US 48 continental states that have signed agreements with the Central Bank of Iraq to represent them…when you walk into a bank…pick a name. 5th3rd, Key Bank, BOA, JP Morgan whoever. Pick a bank.  And say, ‘Listen, I’d like to exchange my dinars.’…there will be a dedicated window in these banks or there will be a room just for that. I know of one where they converted an old Western Union into one of these private banks…those [banks] that did agree…they [the CBI] sent them a dinar…the ones that are coming out.  The back didn’t have anything.  The front said “sample” In my opinion, these satellite banks will be opening within the next 2 weeks…they will be exchanging the dinar. I believe they will be open to the public within 2 weeks.

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