In FRANK26 

There’s still one or two who still don’t understand…Phase One: 1 to 1 rate – inside of Iraq & outside of Iraq. There’s a date they’ve established when they want to come out with the one-to-one rate inside of Iraq and outside of Iraq. Phase Two: Okay we’ve raised the value to 1 to 1, citizens are now coming in to the banks in Iraq…that’s the only way they’re going to get the new small category notes…When I told you Phase One and Phase Two IMO are complete one or two said ‘Where is it? I don’t see it…You’re lying Frank. You’re misleading us.’ …Phase 1 & 2 IMO are complete…about to be shown…it’s electronic.  It’s digital. That means you can’t see it just yet. But you know you’re gonna see it.

Phase Three I told you it was going to be a float…the article…said yeah we’re [CBI} going to float it. You can’t float it domestically. No it’ll be fixed. That’s exactly what we told you. That’s exactly what they said…the only reason you’re going to float it outside is because you raise the value inside.  Bam! …why haven’t you floated it in the last 17/18 years?  Because we’re at a program rate…Why are you telling everybody you’re gonna float? Because we’re article 8.  We’ve raised the value of our currency. We’re about to show it all.

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