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Aggiedad77:   Hello Family, here are Notes from Denaridori for last night’s Emergency CC….please enjoy….but I also urge you….if you could not get on the call last night take the time to listen to the playback as well. Many thanks to Denaridori for the effort with the notes.   Aloha  Randy
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KTFA Emergency Call – Friday – Jan. 1, 2016
Frank26:  Welcome to the emergency call….I think when we’re done, you’ll understand why it’s important tonight. There’s no need for exaggerations, no need for rumors, what we bring to you is FACTS….what I want you to know is the internet has them tomorrow.

We just feel it’s important, but we are KTFAlways, we keep the faith always, to our Heavenly Father.
We enter our Father’s throne to pray for this call….(praying for guidance and words understandable to bring comfort to those who are in our study).
Aggiedad I want to ask you a question and want your honest reaction from the depths of your sould and the depths of your spirt….If tomorrow you were to wait and you would see the headlines of maybe some articles that says: IRAQ ENDS IN 2016 TO CUT ITS CURRENCY VALUE AGAINST THAT OF THE US CURRENCY…The article itself is more, but they said it would come out to 1090 for 2016, How do you feel about that?
Aggiedad: Wow…my first reaction is what are they trying to tell us?
Frank: Are they trying to tell us something good or bad…?
Aggiedad: .My gut reaction is probably good…maybe we don’t want to see.
F: Do you think it’s in the direction we want to go?
A: No…it’s not, it’s in the wrong direction. It makes me think of two words: China Syndrome.
F: The other thing you said to me was …what’s going on? What happened — when I first talked to you and you were pretty much in shock when I first talked to you. I thank you for this testimony because this is how the family is thinking….as I continue.
Family, the last time we were together I told you that security was once again…sure, it’s always important…You want to see the budget, the lower denom’s and the tax and tariffs…you want to see security. Security is doing very well, in fact we even told you — on the count of 3 is now the time to look in the direction of Fallujiah, the same way we did in Ramadi and took you into Mosul…spaced in about 2-3 weeks…we now tell you Fallujiah is next.
Iraqi soldiers are doing a good job…and I”m not telling you that to leave that alone..Without security, there’s only delay. Cleaning up Fallujiah, as we will tell you about other cities they’re cleaning up too …but because it’s a military background, we don’t tell you the details. The liberalization that occurred in Ramadi and Mosul is very, very good and must be seen as a victory and we talked about that constantly….that was the game plan. Actually, it was the game plan for 2,000 years.
The USA or the western world has learned how to work with the middle east….and we point, we tell you that we want you pay attention to the national rehabilitation. You see, that’s where all the tribes are going to stand together….even the Kurds LOL — the Kurds have made it clear saying we’d like 17% of Iraq – Abadi is walking with many right now that are in the process of many reforms…we told you the security will pan out ONCE THEY PLANT A FLAG.
The battlefield is definitely a low-profile with you and us and you know it’s going well today …I don’t know how many times I said to you SECURITY…it should have been between 300-400 times.
You looked for the Tax & Tariffs, today, didn’t you? The budget too, today, didn’t you. Did you hear me say that if you don’t see the T & T on the 31st, that it would be between the 14-15th..you know why? It’s in your notes..You have to look for these things…we just told you two things. Here’s another one…
We need to see if their agricultural areas of being kicked of in the same way Abadi said we want the reforms now…well we said it weeks ago…and that’s why I’m saying Abadi…so you look for the agriculture …these things are going to be indicators of what they’re doing with their reforms…they’re all interconnected to one focal points, family. There’s many things that controls and comes back to one center piece with everything that’s going on in Iraq right now.
When I read to you that tomorrow, you know, you’re going to see the articles especially at KTFA…we hunt at night while you sleep in the evening hours. In 2016, Iraqis say they’re going to cut the currency with the USA…from 1166 to 1180….oh, well…how about 1190? What’s wrong here? We’re going in the wrong direction? That’s why I used aggiedad ….when I called him and asked what would you say if you saw this in tomorrow’s headlines?….I mean his voice dropped….this is a normal reaction. The first time I told him he was..HELLO? I’m still here….but don’t be depressed.
I knew it wouldn’t go well with the family — and I talked to God and said, this is not going to well. How do I talk to him? Why don’t I give up the team chat and explain to them that, yeah, they are going to change the rate up to 1190 and many of you will throw your hands up and say, OMG! From 1166-> 1180->1190. What’s going on here? Why are they going into this direction with the American dollar. This is not smart.
In all honesty, the CBI has been doing alot of talking about the American dollar and they’re not going to use it anymore…They don’t sell it, well they sell it but not through the auctions to make money anymore. …and you’ll see the auctions too by the way. They’re doing it in a comprehensive study…of the changes in the monetary policy as it would benefit the government of Iraq, and the citizens and all their banks. How?
By reducing the value of the IQD against the USD…ARe you insane? No, this is very, very good!
No, no…we’re not stupid at KTFA….well you sound stupid.
What happened to the 1:1 — that’s an RV.
Well, today’s the first — where is it? — You lied. LOL
Look, you have to understand ..the country of Iraq have no liquidity, no currency…you ought to see how they make their money to pay their people…the few that they can. And that’s why they said, could we have some international grants…NO…can we have some IMF loans? NO…LOL —
The Minister of Planning Abdul??? he comes out and says we have good economic growth — yeah, we know — and so is our inflation is very low….yeah, we’ve noticed some improvement. So is our poverty — Yeah, you have to look at the numbers ….okay. You don’t want to give us any loans? ….NOOO!
But Twilight News out of Arab….tomorrow is going to put out some articles: IRAQ IN 2016 IS GOING TO CUT ITS CURRENCY VALUE AGAINST THE AMERICAN DOLLAR AND SAID IT’S GOING TO COME OUT A 1190.
Aren’t you concerned about that? NOOOO! Then you have a lot of explaining to do, Lucy? –Why aren’t you concerned, Frank? — Because they told us about this. — On what planet? — Planet earth.
Look, on Dec. the 22nd, they actually told us about this. Actually, it was before that…I think it was Dec. 3rd…whatever it was, THEY TOLD US. — So, why are you having an ER call? –Because I don’t want to have an emergency.
Anyway, the same way my brother answered is the same way all my brothers would react with that statement…..when they would read it….they’re not professional economists, and neither am I, BUT I also have spent many years with them. I know tomorrow, when this comes out, the internet is just going to drag it through the mud. I know that there are many opinions…and God bless them, beautiful people, but some of them are just ignorant about what they’re talking about. I don’t want that for my KTFA family.
Could this be a decoy? — LOL – Not really….but….. You mean like a China Syndrome in 1993-95…..they said no, we’re not going to raise the value of our currency and BAMM, 3 days later they raised the value of their currency. LOL
No…Iraq is not playing games right now. If anyone is, it would be inside the GOI. Let me give you an example.
These are the words I’m saying that people will read tomorrow…they were almost word for word…they were spoken back on Dec. 22nd by the Finance Committee. You could put a spin on that and say that THAT could have a psin on it and have a decoy on it….reducing the value of the IQD vs. the USD after they went from 1166 to 1182??? — No, that ain’t right. — Be careful. — Why? Maybe it’s drawing in the final 000’s. Maybe it’s an erroneous article…maybe it’s a scare tactic..LOL….maybe it’s to deal with the stolen currency or the counterfeited currency….My goodness, that makes sense. LOL…
They told you they were going to do this on Jan. 2nd 2016….they did? Walkingstick put all the articles out– people read them but not with the same concern that they have to only know the date and the rate. Family, they adjusted the value of the IQD…they did not change value of it YET. and when they tell you tomorrow that they devalued the currency, LOL, say AMEN!! LOL Don’t say OH, NO! Let the rest of the internet do what they want..
Maybe….and I think we’re stretching the point that this may be some kind of a deterrent or China Syndrome thing, but I will admit, we have both ends of the spectrum of the same story. Which one of them is true? — Time will tell you — which is true? 1166 or 1190? — The answer: THEY’RE BOTH TRUE. –Now, you’re really making me mad, Frank. LOL
Well, understand the value of the dinar DID NOT CHANGE…it just did some things OF IT. There is a difference.
Let me read an article that’s out of the Central Bank of Iraq…This one says….by the way it’s Dec. 22nd of last year — 2015. It comes from Iraqinews.com — and the fact that we’ve had it up on our forum many times in the month of Dec. It says:
You don’t get the full translation….our teams get it full — forward, backyard, upside down, inward and out….Caldanian language is multi-dimensional. You could say one thing and it turns out opposite and turns into a totally different thing….it could be a different sect or a completely different tribe. The value of the dinar DID NOT CHANGE YET….That’s specific wording. You want to put a China Syndrome on it…fine…
See, as of today, the 1st of January, it’s unclear to all of us whether or not they changed that value of their currency in-country yet….we don’t see the evidence of it because we still have the 1182.
By the way, 1182 — why was it created? — OMG — the IMF said just GIVE ME 2 THINGS, IRAQ….what were the 2 things? What is it? — GIVE ME YOUR 2% COMPLIANT BETWEEN YOUR STREET RATE AND YOUR BANK RATE…and they DID IT EARLY..LOL….a long time ago! What was the other thing? CHANGE THE RATE OF YOUR CURRENCY.
1182, was created for the 2% compliance but it was created for traders of Iraq in their currency…it wasn’t created to sell to the citizens at 1182. No. No. — No, they’re a completely different rate. Banks do this a lot…– What, Frank? – These are two different rates…it’s called a parallel move of rates. Countries do this a lot. It’s a common thing.
You need to remember….that 1190 when they created it….that 1190 DOES NOT MEAN THIS IS THE OFFICIAL EXCHANGE RATE OF THE IRAQI DINAR. Got that? The difference between 1180 and 1190 is the difference that the street vendors make….the 2% compliant…that’s why the 1182 is created and that’s why they’re going to tell you 1190 tomorrow.
We NEED THE 1190 in order to QUALIFY FOR THE LIFTING OF THE RATE. This is an adjustment of their rate…not an exchange rate YET…it’s just the bank and street rate to be compliant. This rate goes from the CBI all their baby banks, and then all those banks that are getting secured in all those cities…everything is lined up like a choo choo train…take one box car out and you de-rail everything. Don’t look for a date or a rate…look for every box car you can see….pulled by the next one.
This rate of 1182 actually goes from the CBI, to the baby banks of Dr. Shabibi to the banks, to the traders, to the brokers, etc., etc…and then who? To the citizens. Remember, even when they went from 1166 to 1182, THEY TOLD YOU ABOUT THE 1190 and you’re about to see that tomorrow and I don’t want you to be misled.
They changed the SELL RATE .. NOT the EXCHANGE RATE YET. Therefore, this is NO DEVALUATION…the way the articles are going to come out tomorrow.
You have to grab hold and understand the SELL rate and an EXCHANGE rate. In countries you can run a parallel on a SELL rate based on an Exchange rate…Let me give you an example…about 2 years ago, Venezuela had 4 rates….LOL…yeah!! We feared Iraq ….some of the GOI members and finance committee wanted to go in that direction, but they’ll be overshadowed — in fact, I shouldn’t have brought that subject up. But look, you see that’s the problem…we introduce too many things the net doesn’t even know about.
So, Venezuela once had 4 rates…they had a rate for their ports, exports,sell their currency and traders to sell it to the citizens to make a profit off of that! LOL So…are you grasping before I go on to another subject? 1190 when you see it tomorrow…okay..
In the auctions, and in the banks, you can go cash auction, or remittance auctions…I know you don’t know alot of this, but if you learned to speak Arabic, you’d really have an advantage. So, the auctions are broken down into 2 parts — cash flow and remittance…Usually done the citizens go to, but now the citizens can go into the banks and can say they’d like some cash, please….
Okay — you can get it at 1190. You want it physically in your hands? Batta bing, batta boom! — I wanna open an account….all right, fill out this remittance form and we’ll set up your account and we’ll charge you only 1182. See how that works? Other remittances, wires, electronic…The citizens can have their accounts wired electronically at 1182 but if they go outside of their banks and deal with these brokers…sorry! It’s 1182….
This is called ADJUSTING THE OFFICIAL RATE. Yeah…within the country — requirements from the IMF and that’s why we get no loans because of no liquidity — I don’t care if it’s negative zero…you’re about to make some serious bucks …and keep doing what we’re doing with us.
What are they doing? — They’re working on the math. The powers that can do that…LOL…and that’s the beauty of it all…They had a meeting 2 weeks ago…We’ve gotta talk about this currency, we’ve gotta get the investments…Hey! This is the Iraqi Stock Exchange…when we get back we have to re-adjust our prices. AND THEY ADMIT THAT! LOLOL This is not a devalue….whenever anyone tells you that, give them an Hawaiian punch, right away, okay?
This is simply, in fact, these poor traders, by conforming to these regulations on their website…that cut into their profit. They were not pleased but they’ll be all right …and they know they’ll be all right.
The IMF is not in charge of rumors…on the auction side of their website it’s all in Arabic. And, if you could read it, you’d understand they’re telling their banks what to do to get ready….they’re conformant to the IMF….they will be international.
They could actually be international with a program rate, but no one is going to give them international any time. They can introduce the T and T’s but you’re not going to make any headway with it. They’re not landing on Normandy Beach with the monetary reform, along with many reforms, to lose.
This is a currency adjustment and they even told you THEY WOULD ACCOMPLISH THAT IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2016. All of Iraq…the GOI and CBI is waiting for the RE-CALCULATIONS BY THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY cuz they’ll be doing business with them …and they have a say in the numbers.
–There you go again….what do you mean the numbers? — No, not those numbers…It’s an understudy.
Remember the spread sheet with the CBI, reading it…and we stopped reading it because we found out they were just variables that could be moved. Yeah…Why were they moved? — I don’t know…because they had to do the math.. —Are they finished with their homework?
Let’s put it this way, remember when we started teaching those numbers? The next thing you know, those numbers disappeared.- Yeah — Cuz they postponed what they were doing, but the numbers came back on the spreadsheet, didn’t they? – Yes! – But if you go to the spreadsheet right now – there’s nothing on it….Praise God! Because they’re waiting for the calculations from the numbers of the international association with the IMF that is working with Iraq, but for now.– business as usual.
What you want? 1190 — this was announced to us a time ago. They were going to do this.
I know that you’re not to be blamed for not understanding this investment we’re involved in…that’s why I thought it be an ER — to put out a fire that’s on the internet…and when it does, smile like a ….cheshier cat.
All will be well, in the end, I PROMISE YOU, family….and if all is not well right now, it’s because IT’S NOT THE END.
Only Iraq is in charge of Iraq’s numbers….they turned them in.
This has been a long story — with so many chapters that you’ve forgotten most of them….only IMF is in charge of Iraq’s numbers and the international environment in the first quarter of 2016 — no T & T’s , no budget — BUT LOOK FOR THEM IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS.
In the meantime, IT IS ALL OVER IRAQ…you know they won’t get back on the 3rd…so wait til the 4th until you see something. — Why did you tell us to look at the 31st-1st…– Why? I’m supposed to tell you NOT to look? — Would it not behoove us to be studious. — Well, I was looking for the date and rate.. — That’ your problem.
Studious — not silly. The Kurds are happy…you should be too. Watch for the articles tomorrow…it’s only the 2nd …maybe you will…yeah, you will because it was ballistic all over the place today. — I didn’t see no articles — I know, we kept them to ourselves. — Why’d you do that? — Because it’s copied and pasted.
Me and walkingstick today had a lot of fun on the phone…I’m about to tell you a story…. He probably released the story — I told him to release it at 9:30 pm EST..
The IMF said 2 memorandums:
1) We want your rate adjusted — and boy did they — 1166 -1180 -1190…batta bing, batta boom! — Okay – sounds good, what else/
2) We want you to increase the rate of your currency. – All right, we’re working on the lower denom’s and increasing the value of oil in this month….in the meantime, on the CBI website, we’re waiting for you to put up on our numbers on the spreadsheet — IRAQ IS WAITING FOR NUMBERS, FAMILY. Iraq is waiting for numbers that will give you YOUR NUMBERS, finally.
It’s really interesting…when they come back…the CBI said…Look, ALL BANKS, ALL INSTITUTIONS ASSOCIATED WITH US — WHEN WE GET BACK YOU NEED TO RE-EVALUATE THE PRICES OF OUR STOCKS…– Why? -You know why! I’m going to sell a stock…nooo..
If you sell stocks at this low rate, many wise people will jump on these stocks. So, Iraq’s bank institutions — we ought to study these numbers they’re about to give to us..
London calling…there’s so many stories….
About 2 years ago, there was a LOL knucklehead, who decided to smuggle 8.31 BILLION dinars over the Ambassador Bridge across the Canadian border…early 2013….and for 2 years, this court battle they’d been fighting over that worthless currency (LOL) — they released the verdict and kept it quiet but it’s now on our forum….
Do you know what they said? It’s an 8-page report…judge’s report, lawyer’s report…and the last page you’ll find on our forum BTW…the reason they’re having this big debate…there’s nothing about what this has to do with the issue…….it says so and so — and courts official says, I REALLY DOUBT THERE’S A BANK IN IRAQ, WILLING TO GIVE UP DOLLARS IN RETURN FOR SO MUCH LOCAL CURRENCY. LOL It’s worthless currency, dude! I know it’s in the billions — they’re fighting over something they know is going to have great value, IMO.   LINK

Understand Iraq is about to come out with things that may cause confusion…may cause doubt, but when you look at this — and I hope you took notes — and if you space it out and put that there and then think about what Canadian court is doing with this worthless currency, it tends to remove my doubt of the potential value of the IQD…you know what I mean? I trust in God…I think we’ll be okay in the end.
Don’t let tomorrow become an emergency and take this to God in prayer…They’re not doing anything with smoke and mirrors …they’re going about their business of the reforms…people are so desperate and I need to be perfect in my understanding — I need a bulls eye …I need to know the date and rate…and as I told you, if we have anybody coming on our forum with a negative statement — you’re gone. Unfortunately, you’re gone…I’m not banning anyone, I don’t like to leave anybody behind, but we let them be among us but we don’t let them post but they’re still with us…we can’t afford undisciplined behavior.
This is very, very serious — they’re going to have an INTERNATIONAL WORLD IN THE 1ST QUARTER OF 2016 whether you like the way they’re doing it or not. Praise God for the understanding and all honor and glory to our Heavenly Father in the same way, let us be dismissed.
Pray for others…and when you post, start off by saying, Frank, I disagree with your opinion and this is why — and back it up with facts…this, that….but to come in there like a person who’s drowning…when the rescuer comes to rescue that person, all the thrashing only causes both of those people to drown.
I don’t want undisciplined behavior …we’re SO CLOSE! Do it with dignity by stating your opinion and why. It’s so easy to point the figure…to accuse…to say give me, give me…but what can you give in return. — Oh, really, you want me to pay for something you want to give me? — No, I said give. LOL
Dismissed with a prayer.