In FRANK26 

The budget is official and the budget is with the 1 to 1 rate…it already exists with a rate of 1 to 1…they’re all waiting for the rate…the accounting in the budget is already in the budget and retro back to the first of the year – that’s called a rider…it’s in there as a mechanism to take the exchange rate of the budget and bring it back to the beginning of the year to cover the whole year for that budget.  If there was not a rider like the article say that there is, then they would never have any plans of bringing in a new exchange rate retroactive back to the first.

IMO the budget that…is now going to receive an official exchange rate from a sovereign country that…will be shown to be under Article VIII…you can see very clearly that the action of many countries, many companies…they’re casting a shadow of the monetary reform. They’re not going to come out and tell you, ‘Hey guess what? They told us they’re going to raise the value of their currency.’ Because they can’t. It’s illegal to do that…a good forensic detective can walk into a room and tell you basically what’s happened in the last 24 hours in that room by interpreting the signs, the clues, the patterns…the monetary reform itself is naked. It’s visible.

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