Frank26 Post 2 of 3

And considering they’re now talking about releasing change to the people.  I said, when I first started talking to you about this the exchange rate was about 1470 roughly to 1…does it make any sense to start issuing any coinage? He kind of grinned at me big.  He said, no sir it really doesn’t.  I said, Tom, I’m nervous…I know what the FDIC covers and …you know how much currency I have.  Even if it goes at 1 to 1 I’m kind of spooked about how much wealth I could lose.  I said…you’re a small bank.  They’re very well known throughout the state of Colorado…but they’re not a Chase or Wells Fargo.  I told him I’ve got a Wells Fargo account and I said honestly Tom I hate that bank but push comes to shove I can transfer my funds.  [Post 2 of 3….stay tuned]