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What’s funny all of a sudden his poker face breaks and he says when it comes time to do the exchange I’m sure we can… assist in some way.  I said that’s what I was hoping to hear.  If and when the time comes, you and I have been friends for a long time, you know I have 100% trust in you, do I come to you to get advice on how not to lose my funds?  He’s says no.  I’m going to set you up with a wealth manager and he immediately is typing stuff in to his computer and this is what caught me off guard, he turns around and he says you know I’ve seen exchanges and movement in the dinar in just the past few days…  I said I got to get to Albuquerque this afternoon…I got to get going when I get back I’ll give you a call…I stood up and shook his hand I said you know what I probably won’t talk to you for a while so Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family…and he said oh, we’ll talk before that.  FRANK:  There it is!   [Post 3 of 3]