In FRANK26 

[Iraq FIREFLY boots-on-the-ground TV update]  FIREFLY:  All last night they kept talking to us about the digital platform again…telling us that it is complete, saying that in early 2022 the budget will be supporting a rate that will enable it to bring the white paper reforms.  FRANK:  When you say ‘When is it going to happen?’ It’s happening…the first video made it very clear ‘we’re international.’  The second video is about, ‘should we raise the value of our currency.’  FIREFLY:  They just told us they have 3 shows and the next 3 shows will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday to finish the whole pros and cons series.

They say the dinar is back to global trading market platforms. They’re saying Iraq will again be a leader in the region and they said that the dinar will be a supportive feature not only in the country of Iraq but on a global market.   FRANK:   …This is fantastic.  Every day notice that they’re telling you more and more.  Now they tell you that the new exchange rate is basically in the white papers.  They already told you that it’s in the budget of 2022.  Remember they called it the ‘guarded surprise’ for you Iraqi citizens in order to complete your reforms.  I’m extremely excited for you and for me…that’s why they’re teaching you about the new small category notes that you are about to receive!


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