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You know that Dr. Shabibi has the green light. Do you think that Iraq is slowing down the monetary reform? No! Iraq is stepping on the gas.  The bad guys that once controlled the GOICBI are gone.  …the investment law was delayed, postponed…if you want to believe that…that is your business. But, deep in my heart they are waiting in a top-drawer waiting to be released when Dr. Shabibi is at the helm of the CBI.

You don’t need an Investment Law unless you are EXPECTING something to happen.  Investment Law is for who? Investors who want to come into Iraq. YOU are in investor in Iraq – without going into Iraq. That is why this is so important. I believe that the Investment Law may bring forth the HCL.

We must see the LAWS…the LOWER DENOMS…then Dr. SHABIBI.  IMO – the laws are passed they are just waiting for them to raise the value of their currency…All of the “old-timers” will remember…in the still of the night.