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The CBI and GOI are working so closely together, it seems that not much could slow things down now.

Dr. Shabibi has made a decision to jump out of a plane and by doing so he is committed to pulling the ripcord

That airplane held Maliki and other bad men…but Dr. Shabibi is now unafraid of his own actions...

He is intent on that ripcord, to be pulled at the appropriate timeindeed, he jumped into a beautiful horizon.

Don’t they realize by now how things work…how their economy is about to explodethe USD closed today at 99.75… incredible…it comes to meet the IQD.

IOO…we will not see the steps…the movement of the RI into the RV.

Today they even talked about coins…  …there was an article that we saw today that talked of the IMF moving the program rate from 1166 to 1500

Stay focused on the idea that Iraq has a program rate, it matters not what it is…what matters is that they are moving as we speak towards an international rate.

Dr. Shabibi is launching the Monetary Reform Rocket in December…but don’t run to it too early. Due to the full picnic basket Iraq will do very well very soon…give it time though.

The Vietnamese dong will not be in the first basket but it too is poised…IMO…for 2016.