In Pimpy's Investment Chat

Each country is gonna have a different rate because each country’s currency has a different purchasing power versus the dinar. Not everybody’s gonna have the $3.22 rate. It just depends on your currency matched up against the IQD. So yeah not all the 51 trillion is going to have the $3.22 rate if indeed they do reinstate…but that’s a lot of money out there and I understand why the naysayers keep bringing this up. I get why people are excited…but listen to the wording because it’s important. It says their goal is to reach the $3.22 to every 1 USD…I try to keep everyone grounded and bring you back down to reality. Do I think the rate change is going to happen? I do…minutes…articles…feasibility study…BTI reports…all of them are at least above $1…but if they come out at like .04 cents don’t be surprised. Don’t be mad. Hold on to it and see what happens.