In FRANK26

On the 28th… basically the GOI was pointing their fingers at the CBI…telling them to open the windows to investors.

Turns out…Abadi didn’t do it.

GIVE ME MOSUL…GIVE ME THE GRAND OLD MOSQUE inside of MOSUL… and you will see the speed of the MR in a completely new light.

Abadi said that he would give us Mosul by the end of April.

Abadi failed…? No he didn’t.

There is something INSIDE of the Grand Old Mosque that you must consider.

Inside of Mosul…there are many civilians that are being held hostage by Daesh.

THIS IS WAR …THIS IS NOT A GAME…nor a place for anyone to rant and demand for an RV.

The RV of the IQD is coming.

Iraq also desires to have a currency of pride.

You want an RV of the IQD.

Abadi wants to free his people in Mosul / Iraq.

The MR (Monetary Reform) is coming.

So Abadi tells us…maybe 3 more weeks.

Give me until the 20th of May.

The troops are doing their very best.

They’ve got to get the citizens out of the way.

Daesh is running away…but they are still using the citizens.

Mosul is a very large city…and they are clearing it.

They need to FINISH and bring the people home…and then give them the power of purchase – which has already started.

The MR continues to flow…

One final word…IMO…in my STRONG opinion…the MR of Iraq will happen this year …please be ready for it!