Militiaman “Iraq Stock Exchange-NASDAQ Live”

Iraq Stock Exchange – NASDAQ – Live


MilitiaMan and Crew:  1-24-2023


MilitiaMan: The forecast is that sometime between now and the 29th of Jan, The ISX (Iraq Stock Exchange) will go international on their trade platform to be able to trade internationally with the region and most likely the globe.


What that means to us is the work they have done since 2019 and maybe as far back as 2007 working with the NASDAQ ….they are now ready to launch this platform.


They are ready to now go public with electronic securities  in an international environment.


Hopefully we will see that on or around the 29th of this month .


In the last few days in iraq they have replaced the Central Bank governor and the Trade Bank President. They replaces Ghaleb with Alaq who was a former CBI governor for many years. Alaq has much experience and was the CBI governor for 6 years I believe. He worked with the AMF (Arab monetary fund ) with the digital electronic BUNA system .


Iraq is effectively forcing this and needs to move on and adjust their currency and to do so it will be reflected in their stock exchange.


This will require a rate change and for Iraq to be article 8 compliant. It is the only thing left to do . We believe Ali Alaq was brought back to do this.


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